The TV numbers are in and we did not get the 4M from last year. Overall total is down 21% from last year, but still the 5ht most wathed Grey Cup in the last decade.
The CBC total was 3.168M with a peak at 3.765M which was around the fourth quarter to OT. While RDS overall was at 568,000.
Interestingly enough, the pre game and post game shows were watched by a whopping 2.7M.

A lot had to do with Toronto and BC in it last year. To all those that didn't tune in....you missed a great game!

As I said , people were tired of the same teams in the GREY CUP.........but the good news is allot of people [young fans] watched , HT , which is what the CFL wanted.

Speaking about Toronto, read this on the Ticats forum site:

"A friend of mine was in Toronto with his 14 year old son and went to a restaurant to catch the Eastern final with Toronto and Montreal. Of the 12 or so T.V.'s in the place, not one had the game on."

I was disappointed reading this but I guess this isn't news. Somehow I don't see them supporting the GC in 2007 unless, at least, the Argos are in it. I think this could very well be a repeat of the 1992 GC there.


1999 in Vancouver was laclustre. This year seemed to be a turn around. The local business association estimated that the Grey Cup pumpped in 40 million dollars to the local economy.

People seemed to have a great time. The talk shows are filled with nothing but positives. I hope Toronto takes a page from this years Vancouver Grey Cup and puts on a great show in 2007.

(I know the Prairee people in Winnipeg will do it!)

Yes, Winnipeg will for sure do a great job also. But Toronto, indeed, has the ability to really do a super job also, it just will take the will and spirit. Toronto can reach out to so many business headquarters situated there that other cities don't have. But can they find this will and spirit? I just have my doubts but I hope I am wrong.

3M only? There's still some work to be done ... Come on, Canadians ... and I think it's stupid that some bar in Toronto didn't have the game on at all. That's just pathetic ... sometimes I despise my fellow canadians >:(

So do I CanucKev at times. I know there are a lot of excellent Argo fans in Toronto but I have to say, if the God up there has any heart at all, he won't make me have to live or work in Toronto in my life and if he does, at least surround me by Argo fans at the very least. We may detest the Argos but I think that the true Argo fans, of all sports fans in Toronto, are probably the best fans of "sports Canadiana" without a doubt in that city.

I'm not surprised to hear that quote. A few years ago, I went downtown to watch the Argos-Als Eastern Final at what was then the "Official Post-game Home of the Argos" and not only did they not have the game on tv, they didn't even know the game was on. How terrible is that?

I don't agree that support for the GC in Toronto will be flat in '07 though. I think the Argos have built up enough buzz in the city and it has been so long without a GC Game in Toronto that they will sellout the Stadium for it. Of course, that all depends on the organizers and how much hype they can add to the week leading up to the big game. They're off to a good start with the Vanier cup tie-in, but hopefully they can continue it.

I have to also agree about experiencing such nonsense when walking into a restaurant/bar establishment here in the Center of the Universe. However, the one thing different that I have done and will continue if necessary, is to advise the resposible people in charge of the CFLbeing shown and how it is the best entertainment and for them immediately to turn it on. If not and on at least one occasion I have walked out never to return to the same place. While most places have been smart enough to tune it in and not just on the one TV set in order for me to stay and spend my $. Unfortunately such stupidity exists and is fueled by the media and the pro NFL/American wannabee propoganda.It is ever so changing this year as the CFL has become vogue somewhat.

Nice work argotom! Good stuff.

Big question though, did you blow the NHL AND NFL out of the water that night?

As an American (and pretty much neutral to this discussion...except for the fact that I think the CFL is the greatest thing since duct tape) Now that Hockey is back I thought the tv numbers were pretty impressive. In fact since you all live in a nation that treats Hockey paramount to religion, the numbers were VERY impressive.

But....as is the case with any country, the population grows every year, and you do have to grab the attention of the young and potential,"new"viewer of the sport you want them to support. After just spending last weekend in Montreal...I met some great supporters of the CFL in just the couple of bars we went to (that I remember)he,he.

I think Tom Wright is doing a great job, and if the league as a whole does not try to rush things in the near future,you might just see the CFL become the premier T.V. Football league in the next five to ten years.

I base this simply on the fact that my country is so damn full of themselves that eventually we shoot ourselves in the foot when we have a good thing going, and can't understand what happened. And that's when the CFL can expose themselves on a large scale to the entire world and make them realize that...."Wow..I didn't know that Canada had the oldest Football league in the world".

And it will just snowball from there.

Ratings are down because the Esks were in it. I didn't bother watching it and have no regrets. Watched the Seattle Seahawks instead. If any other team besides Edmonton was in it I would've watched. No matter how "good" the game was , it's boring if the EE are in it. It's like broken record watching EE in the GC.
Now how bout them 11-0 colts?

Excellent post geo, nice perspective on things.

Now pennw, what a sourpuss attitude you have. Man, this was a great game, you missed a good one buddy. If I was you, I would be regretting it. But maybe I'm underestimating your dislike of the Eskimoes and if this is the case, then that is fine I guess. I'm just glad I don't hate any team as much as you seem to hate the Eskimoes as I wouldn't want to miss watching the GC for anything in the world.
Now speaking of the NFL, my Vikes aren't looking too bad but you have to love the CFL offensive minded Colts, when I watch these guys I almost think I'm watching a CFL team. Imagine Peyton Manning and that offense with a bigger field and an extra receiver! Now that would be very fun to watch indeed. Peyton may be one of the few NFL qb's that could adjust to a 20 sec clock as well, very smart qb and picks out his receivers excellently even under pressure.


I've been watching CFL for a long time , and just about every second year it's the EE in the final . After so many times it gets real old and IMO makes the league look BUSH . In fact I think it's embarrassing to have one team in it almost every year . So I'm not watching anymore GC's with the EE in , I would rather watch a 10-7 NFL game than that ( and no, not all NFL games are like that). It seems lot's of people tuned out the GC once EE were there again.
If they're back next year again expect the ratings to go down more yet. And I'll skip that one too.

then you miss out on really great football for crapy "prime time" NFL football :roll:

Bush league? the only thing that makes the CFL a bush league, which it isn't cuz it's a pro league in it's own right like the AFL/VFL and AFL, is BUSH POSTERS on the CFL.CA forum.

I don't know if this deserve any response. A guy would rather watch the No Fun/Crime League and fall asleep with the weekly and very often 10-7 like scores then watch the CFL regular season game or better still, this Grey Cup which may have been the best FOOTBALL game period ever and likewise the best sporting event maybe ever.
Man, you need a shrink and better still, go over to the dark side and to your NFL posties no doubt there are plenty of other with a similar disease.