Embarrassing and pathetic.

We're chasing, and catching, Winnipeg for last place in the entire CFL.

5 losses in a row. Getting worse every week.

Right now, Saskatchewan crosses over as Hamilton misses the playoffs.

I agree Sask will get the crossover.

If there are no drastic changes this week,personnel and/or coaches ( after 5 losses in a row) then this organization just does not care! Bob Young might as well just run concerts, and forget about football.

In team sports, you are what your record indicates. There MUST be changes -- significant ones -- this coming week!!

Oski Wee Wee,


The first time since 2007 that Toronto has scored 40 points. It's official in over 40 years of watching the Ticats this is one of the worst defences I can remember. Sad when my son asks if we are even going to go next week (we are season ticket holders). Unless there are changes made I will have to really think hard about it and please do not say I am not a real fan. I have been for more than 40 years but this defence is really, really bad. And by nature I am a very optimistic person. Attendance next Saturday without changes 18,000 if we're lucky. That's not going to be good when we have no place to play next year. Okay rant officially over.

RevClark - no need to explain yourself. I'm a long time season ticket holder and I am thinking of not attending the next game also. I am completely disappointed and disillusioned with this team.

Obie better get Greg Marshall Aaron Hunt and Anwar Stewart. In that order. Creehan needs to go. I'd say Obie needs to go but who takes over?

Danny Mac could take over for Obie - he couldn't be worse.

I'd give Mike McCarthy a try!

Me too.

Going to Supercrawl.

Can't watch this crap live anymore. I need a break.

Gonna PVR it, and skip through it.

This team has given up.

I thought Joe Womack was in line for Obie's job after Obie retires.

Bob Young should take over........that's who........

When he was basically on his own in Year One, we went 9-8-1 and a playoff berth......then all the ...(ahem)..."smart and experienced" football minds convinced him he was an idiot.........and they took over..............here we are

.....see my point?...this is simple s.h.i.t.e and could have been solved easily years ago.....

No way. He screwed up the football operations right from the beginning of his ownership.

And then there was the Desjardins era. Remember that?

This is exactly how I feel! I don't know when it was...sometime in the second half, I got up, removed my Ticat jersey and left the room. I just couldn't watch anymore (okay, I could still hear it). I have never, ever done that before. Even the years we only won a couple of games, I never considered not going to a game. I have been a Ticat season ticket holder for nearly 30 years and have seen some pretty lean years, but, this is somehow different. I really hope I feel different in the morning. Sigh.

As of right now, good, I hope it happens. This team doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs.

time for obie and mitchell to go....there decisions have kept us a sub par team since they came here....in forty years of seasons tickets, this is the most embarrassing team yet....changes all over this team are needed...coaches, players.....this year is already history for us...absolutely pitiful....

I PVR'D the game and pretended I was watching the comedy channel. The team is not getting better it is getting worse.

Don Matthews says when a team isn't getting better, it's getting worse and when it isn't getting worse, it's getting better. In other words, at any point in time, a team is either improving or regressing but never staying the same. As of today, guess who's getting worse and who's getting better.

Watch out. Earl might call you out like he did me when i expressed similar sentiments.

Hey Everybody is entitled to their opinion. The issue is now trying to justify more money from a tight family budget to go, park, etc.. when there is little expectation of winning and like a lot of folks could easily use the money elsewhere. Yes, I love going always have, taken my wife, my son, daughter, family members, friends etc etc.. In fact I use to drive 3 or 4 hours once or twice a year to come and see them but I have just about reached the point of saying why bother and I have never felt that way before. Just how I feel, not trying to suggest that others should or do feel this way.


Going to Supercrawl.

I love music and concerts as well but's in easy stuff, you miss a chord or two who cares and no one is out to take your head off. That's what I love about music, it's an artsy love fest, not a competition and everyone loves each other.

Now here, this is real passion, we get peeved off big time if our team doesn't perform and win and hurl insults. That's passion. At a concert no one yells, "come on you bum, make your voice sound better or else I'm not going to attend any more concerts." :lol: :lol: :lol: