3.65 million watched Grey Cup

Preliminary overnight data from BBM Nielsen Media Research confirmed 3.65 million Canadians watched TSN and RDS's exclusive Grey Cup broadcast Sunday night, up five percent over last year. On TSN, 2.439 million Canadians watched the Calgary Stampeders defeat the Montreal Alouettes in the 96th edition of the Grey Cup, while an additional 1.215 million viewers watched French-language coverage on RDS.
[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=257192&lid=sublink02&lpos=headlines_main]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=257192& ... lines_main[/url]

Pretty good, I'd say.

If the Grey Cup would have been on CTV you can add another 750,000 viewers onto TSN's numbers easy.
REason the Super Bowl numbers have gotten bigger the past few years is because its on CTV.
Which has the largest viewer reach of all the national networks.
On CTV the Grey Cup would close in on 4 million viewers easy.

I predicted 4M.
But yes would have to agree how we would have exceeded this number if the CTV or CBC networks would have carried it.
Still though not a bad number.

More people watched it this year than last. And last year everybody in every third world corner of the country got CBC.

And yet you say "more woulda watched it if it were on CBC." Hunh?

What do you expect from berezin? Nothing is ever good enough...

No offence chief, but you just don’t understand how a successful business should function.
If you did, you wouldnt keep making such ridiculous comments.

Those are very good numbers and better than I would have anticipated. However, I still think the TSN broadcast should be simulcast on CTV so that those without TSN can still watch the game. One of my employees who is not a big football fan only has regular cable with no TSN, he and his wife sat down to watch the game and discovered they could not watch. I think all Canadians should have the option to watch the Grey Cup whether they subscribe to TSN or not. After all it is our only truly national major sporting event.


The number is inflated because of the French viewers on RDS. Last year I think the RDS numbers were 200,000, so an extra 1 million francophones watched the GC. English ratings probably dropped a fair bit from last year (...30%?)

What i thought would happen happened. The lower ratings in english Canada has givven fodder to the usual know nothings in the media to rag on the league. See William Houston in the Globe and Mail. The headline to his story isn't that TSN or RDS had record ratigns, it that the ratings were the second lowest in history. Same in the Star.

No matter how TSN wants to spin this, the numbers show a decrease of 25% in English Canada. They are using the RDS numbers to bolster the overall figures. When comparing this year's apples to last year's apples, a not-insignificant decrease occured. But then again, they'll try to explain it away by saying that the drop is because of the lack of an Ontario team. In the end, the game should be on all-access television. Period.

Yeah, but last year we here in SK dug up graveyards so that our dead relatives could watch the Grey Cup. CBC probably got 2 million viewers from here alone. For football purposes, SK is a region unto itself much like Quebec.

And I really, really, HATE this socialist sentiment that someone who doesn't give a raggedy rat's a$$ for a whole year has some RIGHT to watch the Grey Cup on tv on a channel that they happen to get. If they care that much, pay the $5 and get TSN for a month. And if they can't be arsed to do that, watch something else.

I think the argument is…that’s how you grow your fan base, by people who wouldn’t normally watch. Those people have to have easy access to watch it.

I suppose, but that's not how the argument is presented. If it were presented as a marketing to new viewers, I can accept that.

But it always turns into the bitching and moaning when Fred sits down on the couch with Ethel all set to watch their game for the year, the same 1 game a year they've watched since Leo Cahill was a rookie, and all they could find on their TV was a John Candy movie on one channel and some miserable thing about starving African kids on the other. God knows what was on French because Fred doesn't care for them.

And then they complain as though there is some inherent birthright that the Grey Cup MUST be accessible to all. That's BS - I spend $120 a month on satellite, damnit, and for that I want stuff someone who pays $19.99 doesn't get.

The English viewership was the worst in what, 18 years? TSN is using the RDS numbers to make it look better then it was. In English Canada, it did badly. It would have done better on CTV. I had people on Monday commenting that they wanted to watch the game and couldn't find it. They were surprised. These are not diehards, they're people who watch the GC and thats about it.

Since they don't have TSN, they couldn't watch it. They could have on CTV. Make no mistake, just like the playoff numbers, this number was not good.

A lot more to all of this than just numbers here. The key will be to see how the CFL and TSN/BellGlobeMedia are partnering on the whole package, NFL included, to make the next deal even better for the league.

I'm sorry, but I don't get this whole issue about people not having TSN. As far as I know, I have just regular cable, nothing special, and yet I get TSN. So who are these people who don't get it?


They're not complainers - they are people who if given the chance would watch the Grey Cup and possibly learn to love football the way the users of this forum do. If it's not available to them they will find something equally rewarding to pass their time with. The CFL is missing out on the opportunity to develop a wider fan base.

Why does no one complain when TSN is the exclusive carrier of the World Junior tournament?