3-4 Defense

So they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. As I watched the ____s vs. Als game on Friday night, I thought to myself, would it be a good idea for the Ticats to evolve their defense in to a 3-4 instead of a 4-3?

Now, to make that shift you would need a little more size at the defensive end position to help clog the run, but I think would be something to consider as it might help alleviate some pressure on the defensive backs because you could drop more people in to coverage.

Seems to work for the #1 ranked defense in the league. Now, we don't have a Jonathon Brown, but I am sure we could make it work.

LOLB: ???/Keith LILB: Armour RILB: Moreno ROLB: Lofton
LDE: Keith/Bekasiak DT: Adams/Wayne RDE: Mckay-Loescher

So what do you think? Constructive criticism only please!

  • paul

Where have you been? The Cats have been using a 3-4 D about 70% of the time for the last several weeks.

Really? Then who is the fourth linebacker they have been using?

I know they have rushed 3 on passing downs, but they have been using a base 3-4?

  • paul

Mariuz mostly..

Well I'll be damned! Maybe they shouldn't fire the coaching staff after all!

  • paul

the 3 -4 has been working well, with Dunbrack in there,if they could find a bigger mlb and move Morino to osslb then they could disguise the pass rush with more lb blitzes, a cross between the als and args d set, and why not convert a couple big recievers to db??since the only db,s available all seem to be under 5ft9?

The Argos can play a 3/4 because they have a superb secondary and linebacking corps. That means they have to have veterans, and have to spend big on those positions. The Cats have a young secondary, most on rookie salaries. Our linebackers are mostly doing the job (at least three of them -- Moreno, Armour and Mariuz, are playing like all-stars)

Yeah, that's the problem with the 'Cats, its such a dual edged sword. You need to make a time and financial commitment to the defensive secondary before you are going to see results. Something previous ownership regimes and coaching staffs weren't willing to do because if you notice the ____s dominant secondary of years past consisted of a lot of former Ticats.

  • paul

Oskee-wee-wee! our LB corps is solid! i've voted on the all-star ballot for Moreno, Armour, and Simpson(WPG) for LB position in the East.

I knew when BC traded Armour that we were getting a great player. That guys doesn't get enough credit.

Last i checked he was #3 in league tackles(playing outside!) that means he's gotta cross the feild for half of the plays/tackles.

I think people are a little harsh on our secondary though. When these guys get burned it is the most obvious. but when an end or a LB gets burned, someone is there to back them up.

don't forget that the defensive half is probably the hardest position to play there is, and we are asking young, american kids to step up, on a huge field, with unlimited presnap motion, and an extra man.

but i'm moving away from the point of the thread.

the 3-4 is great, but i've rarely notice ham. using it. but i have missed a game or two.

They have been using a lot of 3-4 but IMO, at the wrong times.

ie, late Rider TD, as Coach Sal pointed out, with Riders on our 14 yard line, you can't rush 3 and have your LBs and DBs sitting back in a zone coverage. The few LBs in the area (close enough to make a play) were blocked and Joseph had an easy romp into the end zone.

With Moreno blasting the def coordinator earlier in the season for late defensive calls (leaving the defense on the field lost and in disarray) I believe most of the defensive problems stem from the def coordinator.

He's either... not teaching the players their responsibilities (especially the DBs, thus all the blown coverages, especially on crossing routes); he's making the wrong defensive calls (why not more blitzes when it would seem appropriate and timely?); or both.