3 - 4 defence ? Mr Creehan ? A way to keep Kinney

SO Mr Creehan ..can we not put Kinney in the middle with Moreno and have a 3-4 defense with Adams at the nose tackle ? Kinney looks like a legit star with great credentials

nobody has stepped up at defensive tackle tso this makes sense

Not such a good idea. The Cats have enough trouble getting pressure with 4 D-linemen. Why try with only 3?

and then you need another backup MLB or inside linebacker... who fills that role?

i'd rather be overly deep than stretched too thin,

Because it's still a 4 man rush. It's not a prevent 3 man rush. It's a 3 man line with the 4th or 5th rusher coming from the LB's or DB's.

Siskowic can backup on the inside and Botterill on the outside. This is probably a good idea, our linebackers will probably be better rushers than our DT's. The 3-4 is much better for disguising blitzes to.

Hmmm... 4 big guys are not getting enough rush so you want to give the job to 3 big guys and one medium sized guy? Plus with the quality running backs that teams like BC, Calgary, and Winnipeg have, the Cats need the run stopping power of a 4 man line. Those are the teams that the Cats will have to beat to be champions.

A well run and called 3-4 defence is actually a better run stopper with the right personnel.

With big D linemen taking on the o line it allows the LB's to get better penetration at the line of scrimmage stopping runs short and creating harder passing downs.

As for the rush to the QB. A 3-4 allows you to dsiguise where the extra man or men are coming from thus confusing the opposing tema into allowing other free.

You need the personnel to do this though. I actually prefer a 3-4 D because of the blitz options and disguises you can play with. But as I said if you dont have D linemen that command double teams its usless.

too many second and shorts in my opinion with a 3-4. gotta really cover the passes well on second and not sure our backfield can do that yet. the blue team can do it if they want but second and short with a secondary that is learning will be tough.

8) I agree completely !!!!

A couple things..

  1. Yourself and most people on this site really have no idea what a DT is supposed to do. Anyone who knows football knows they are there to make the pocket smaller with a good push and also plug up the holes that the 3 interior opposing offensive line try to create. Have you never noticed that DT's have WAY less sacks than DE's? Its for a reason.

Sorry but you, Ken Peters and many members on this site really have NO IDEA what a DT's job really is. No offense.

  1. Creehan has already said that is D will be like a cross between a 3-4 and a 4-3. Since the Cats have a couple DE that are only 240-250 they can play DE and 4th LB at the same time.

wow we are lucky to have zen tell us how it is

Beauty, mav.! :thup: :rockin:

Well.. when you see 10+ people a day and the Hamilton media constantly say that the DT spot is weak blah blah the DT needs work.. blah blah. The guys we have are getting their job done the way it should be done and to hear mindless comments all the time about them not is just annoying as a fan.

Where exactly does everyone get this misguided idea that a DT is supposed to be a sack machine?

This team is 100% fine at DT. The coaches feel the same way.

8) ...and the Defence would be a lot better if we had a big Canadian stud like Mike Philbrick in there to plug up that middle !!!!!

Another thing to think about is that our DT’s helped Moreno have his great season last year. They kept the C of opposing teams off Zeke by doing their job.

People see them often just playing push out there and never see the bigger picture of what they are doing. keeping players on the other team out of the play and guarding the gaps. A very important role. Just as important as sacks but just not as glamourous.

As a bonafide member of the non-expert club, I hope Zen doesn't take the following comments too seriously.

In my limited football knowledge opinion, the 3-4 is a more exciting formation. However, (as others have mentioned)the key is having the right people. I'm not sure a rebuilding team is likely to go with such a complex system.

I'm sure none of us would care what formation the defence lined up in as long as the Cats win. And with all the pre-game festivities, in-game entertainment, and post-game parties, most of us don't notice silly things like formations anyway.


You make some good points but there are weaknesses to the true 3-4 formation on both passing and running downs. On passing downs it provides less pressure when that is the time you need it most (although you can also blitz an outside backer to help make up). On running downs it only gives you 1 DT in the middle to guard the gaps.

A good RB can easily average 4-6 yards per carry on a 3-4.

Man zenstate you are so right! keep the information coming, because this forum is quick to pull the trigger without fully understanding, so i do appreciate your informative point of view. :cowboy:

You say the weakness in the 3/4 defence is running .I beg to differ the only problem with this defence is you have to have the right personnell if you can make a comparison to the pittsburgh steelers they employ the 3/4 and every year leads the nfl against the run and has won a superbowl with this defence . also the opposing offence doesn’t know where the pressure will come from thus putting more heat on opposing QB’s

Yes but i’m talking about the CFL. The yard off the ball combined with only using 1 DT limits run stopping ability in our league. Look at Toronto… great pass defense but they use a 3-4 and are not overly effective against the run. Even our pathetic team last year was running the ball well against them.