3.1 million 108th Grey Cup




The 108th #GreyCup continues to be one of Canada’s biggest sporting events, attracting an average audience of 3.1 million viewers on TSN and RDS on Sunday evening. Overall, a total of 7.9 million viewers watched some or all of the Blue Bombers’ victory over the Tiger-Cats



Grey Cup Streaming increased by 75% compared to 2019 - Most streamed CFL game ever

I thought it was worth posting here for a few days. I will paste it where it belongs but hopefully stays here on the main page for a few days


I think it was more of a 7.9 million where people were flipping to other sports in the breaks. I know I was. More and more old fashioned six minute ad breaks are hurting rather than helping with advertising and revenue.

Partner with the NFL too so none of their games broadcast at the same time as the GC. It's one afternoon near when the NFL plays Saturdays because Collage ball isn't on. We should be able to get a 4-5 hour window where it's the biggest sports event on TV.

I think it’d be much more feasible to move the Grey Cup to Saturday.

What incentive would the NFL have to switch?

Better to move the Grey Cup to Saturday and try to convince the Argonauts owners not to schedule a game for their hockey team at the same time.

Then the only time the NFL usually has Saturday games is around the 2nd Saturday of December.

Sunday afternoon around 1 or 2pm local time might be away to go around that time frame.

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Ahh, now I get what Squishy was suggesting. I thought he meant to try to get the NFL to switch all/many of their games from Sunday to Saturday to clear room for the Grey Cup.

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The Grey Cup time is in a sweet spot at 6:30 pm at night if anything a 7 pm start might actually be better .

The NFL games did not hurt the CFL at all though .

Sunday Night NFL game only got 358 k .

The one NFL game that crossed over in the afternoon was the Bills and Bucs that started at 4:30 and from the high lites looked good and went over into the CFL game

the other NFL games started at 4 pm which is the usual time for afternoon starts and those games would end at 7 pm .


I think the other option could be around the final Sunday of November or around US Thanksgiving the NFL can move the 2 or 3 games that take place at the 4pm EST block to a Friday and Monday, if they’re in the charitable mood.

The NFL charitable? Now that’s something I would like to see and believe.

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Not sure that works out with the idea of bringing money into the local economy for a Grey Cup festival . Economy activity helps when building infrastructure for the CFL and of course cost recovery in the form of taxes on everything .

The time slot on Sunday really is not much conflict with the NFL at all if anything it plays to Sunday football .

Moving it to a half hour later and a 7pm EST start and away further from the afternoon NFL games at 4pm would be the only compromise if any that would make any sense .

The Bills game was an unusual 4:30 pm start and crossed over the GC time .

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Any game with Tom Brady in it would and should garner a good rating.

That Josh Allen kid isn’t too shabby either.

A Saturday night game might incentivize a lot of out-of-towners to attend since they could still feasibly sleep in Sunday morning and travel back home Sunday evening so they can be ready for work Monday morning.

But my Saturday suggestion was more in response to what I thought was a call to ask the NFL to switch their games from Sunday to Saturday so as not to conflict with the Grey Cup.

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It was actually a good lead up for those who watch both even though I watched the entire CFL game;

it didn’t cross over when the CFL game really started going and any CFL /NFL fan had access to both .

I see it as a plus myself .

The late afternoon NFL games had 813 k .

I am actually surprised the NFL didn’t have a higher number .

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But the people who put all the work into the Grey Cup don’t want them leaving when there is still money to spend on hotel rooms , Ubers , cabs , restaurants … If your travelling and spending maybe $500 in a ticket or more ; I don’t think Monday travelling is really an issue .

Not sure it incentives anyone by cutting a festival down a day who travels that far for a party .

You want it more worthwhile not less .

Super bowl is now more like the Grey Cup it’s a festival of events .

Why would we reverse a great festival for a community by cutting it short ?


It would make it easier for a greater number of people to attend that festival.

They can attend it … they just can’t go to the actual game if they leave early to go home .

I dunno I go to NFL games and travel home Monday .

If your spending those big bucks and going to all that bother to see a game Monday is not a factor you haven’t already taken care of by traveling either the Saturday or Friday before it .

I don’t think people really think like that who are serious about the game and paying those kind of prices I know I don’t it’s all planned out well before hand .

Maybe the locals but then they can go home no problem afterwards .

Hockey is played weekdays , etc … Basketball … Baseball including championships. … NFL on Sundays .

Mondays are not a factor … .

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Grey Cup is suppose to be Canada's biggest party, so they boast. I can't recall going to many parties that start at supper time on a Sunday, even in my youth. I see the league thriving with The Cup last Saturday of October and Saturday playoffs leading up to it. I know this is not a popular opinion on this site but I also know it is the overwhelming way to go for all the fellow fans I interact with away from this site, and thankfully Ambrosie is buying in as well, it seems.


Ambrosie is a fool to allow this schedule to an October Grey Cup.

Placate to the prairie teams only at the expense of the major Canadian markets.

On one hand he’s pushing to pair up with the Vanier Cup and now he wants to push for an October Grey Cup.

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Well you have at least one supporter. Clearly that makes the most sense and an October GC as well. In person attendance would skyrocket and ratings would be better too, not competing against the NFL. Last time I checked we were still north of the US and it often gets pretty cold after October. The best fans in the CFL, Winnipeg fans, just proved that Winnipeg is the only team that has any hope of getting 30,000 plus to a December game in -20 degree weather.

For those who are always pushing being uniquely Canadian, there is your answer. The Super Bowl is the game historically always played late on Sundays. Why are we following their lead with the GC rather than using a made in Canada solution? We may as well bring in four downs if we are just going to follow everything the NFL does.

And the arguments forecasting a loss of revenue for the GC festival and the host city are pure poppycock. As it stands now, many people need to take Monday off to travel home. It would mean no loss of revenue to start the GC festivities one day early. People could take their day off of work on the lead in to the weekend and return home Sunday after partying Saturday.


Let us not forget that the prairie teams are the only ones who actually put bums in the seats. What’s so unfair about those bums enjoying a little more warmth? And like Taleback, most fans I know would prefer to see the most important games played in warmer weather with better field conditions. Especially the casual fan, which is the #1 fan in many markets, such as Toronto, where there can’t seriously be more than 5,000 hardcore fans that regularly attend games.


Did you not look at the ratings and time of the games the CFL is not competing with the NFL ?

The Grey Cup Game has been on Sunday for 50 years … .