2ns & 3rd String QB's

I think that barring injury Collaros is the #1 QB this year.

With Lefevour now gone, who will take the #2 spot? I am not sure Masoli will automatically get the spot and will need to fight for it. He had many opportunities over the last 2 years to make that his spot, and his inaccuracy, poor decision making skills, fumblitis has probably made it so it will be an open competition.

Where do you guys think everyone will end up?

As we have seen the past couple of years, having a decent back up is key to being successful, I am just not sure Masoli can be it.

Maybe not right out of this training camp, but no later than the start of the '16 season, I'm betting #2 will be Mathews.

ottawa: Drew mentioned last week that Masoli is the #2 until training camp but it's likely that either Jeff Matthews or Jacory Harris could be named #2 with Masoli as #3.
Apparently Harris is big with Condell based on his progress last year.
If we are lucky both he and Matthews will look good and Masoli will be off the map.

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