2nd year in a row ...no CFL on July 4th holiday

This is terrible.

I miss the Montreal cheerleaders and the Alouettes beginning the season right about now. I usually catch the Als game and then head off for the fireworks after the game.

Well only one month to wait and you will be able to do that.

Cheerleaders football and fireworks.....sounds pretty damn good.

where would you see 4th of July fireworks in MTL?

Lots of places in Montreal where you can see fireworks (nudge, nudge , wink , wink ) :partying_face: :eyes: :fireworks: :sparkler:

I watch the CFL online from Ohio.

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Well July 4 is a American Holiday soooooooooo

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Where in Ohio..I live I Sandusky

Cincy, and no I am not a Bengals fan. LV Raiders are my team.