2nd Worst Attendance in League

Saskie on the main board has posted all the attendance stats. Only Montreal is worse than us and you can see that we've dropped from previous seasons.
We finished at 23,201 for the avg.

This may be behind the ticket price rise. I sure hope that - as good businesspeople - there's been research on the price elasticity of tickets or raises in prices may reduce revenues overall.

Thanks to Saskie.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=22494]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... ic&t=22494[/url]

With The Bad PR and Dropping Attendance.
There still going ask for more money on the best Seats
How can they do this
It Is Crazy.

The Best thing they could do is Freeze Prices for one season. Till the PR is Better

The best seats will always sell.

Second worst attendance...worst team
Looks like they caught a break :slight_smile:

the only reason montreal is below us is they cant fit more fans in that stadium if they had a 25 or 28k seat stadium wed be last time to wake up bob the love affair is over

You might also think it through…Montreal aside, we have the smallest stadium for seating, and, while I love how close to the field you are in IWS, the stadium is sadly showing its age.
Not that its Caretaker’s responsibility to fix IWS!
Buit somebody should do the math…if Calgary, or Edmonton, or Vancouver have a sellout, they have about ten thousand seats selling for $30 or $40 apiece that are just not there in IWS…now you do that, say a half dozen times in a season, magnify it by concession profits, and “wonder” why seat prices at IWS have got to go up to stay anywhere near “parity” with other teams…

Seems straightforward to me, but I’ve been wrong before…just show me where…

I wondered about this too but when you look at the chart supplied in the link you can see that Edmonton only had two BIG games and that they were consistently above us otherwise. We only had 2 of our 9 regular season games where we approached a stadium sell-out crowd this year. That's clearly down from the last two years.

Overall, I believe that a trend is discernible (unfortunately).

Statistics lie, or can be made to say anything, Mark.

Why is Montreal neither "broke" nor "empty" when it comes to salaries, when you consider their rather "tiny" stadium?

Even so, as I originally come from Saskatchewan, one of my "old buddies" related that the Green Riders were reduced to "selling shares" in the team a year or two ago in order to make ends meet (not that these "shares" will ever count, or return any sort of dividend)

Which leads to a separate point, that they are currently a "successful team" (albeit with a lot of "our guys" (Eric Tillman is a VERY GOOD GM)(we are under the threat that we will get Roy Shivers, who made few, if any of the "trades" where we lost a lot that MD allowably "cost us"...our pants were violated by the very clever Tillman that we did not hire...

Personally, I kind of hope that we retain Taffe for another year, and get some decent Coordinators and special coaches in to spice up the schemes...