2nd Retro Game

When is the next retro game?

It's on the road, no?

Next retro game for the league is Sask @ BC Friday night.
Next for the Cats is Labour Day.

Geez, they're going to ruin Labour Day with retro? The retro uniforms are butt ugly, for all teams. I think it makes the league look cheap. Anyone who is maybe seeing the CFL for the first time will have a bad impression of the league I think.

I know they're trying to pay respect to the earlier eras but we can do without the throwback uniforms I think. In fact, all the teams have so many different uniforms for special occasions and mixing and matching, it's like they're schizophrenic. I would like to see two straight home games where they wear the same uniform - the real uniform. I don't think we've seen that the last two years.

The Helmets should be fixed.

I'll second that.

Hamilton didn't have black helmets untill the late 80's, and i don't think WPG at any point wore dark blue helmets with a yellow stripe.

teams that got it right,

TOR ( :x , to my shagrin )
SSK (although i thought they had a double white stripe, yet helmets were solid green)
EDM (I believe)

how come we get a slap in the face with such historical inaccuaracy? If we are going to pretend tha Hamilton wore black helmets in the 60's and 70's, then we might as well pretend Angelo Mosca played for the Rough Riders!

we wear the retros twice more this season. Labour Day and the week after labour day, both agaisnt T.O

As stated in an earlier thread, the coverings for the helmets came in late and were rejected by the team.

I’m sick of this Retro crap!

Stop living in the past!

There are only 18 games in a season… how many retro games do we need? I was totally dissapointed in the game I went to this year… the Retro uni’s were stupid!

Embrace the team you’ve got… wear THEIR uniforms!

NO I was told they would be

Angelo Mosca DID PLAY for the Rough Riders...1960 and 1961

I stand doubley corrected!!! lol :wink:

I think they should wear these uniforms all the time with the yellow helmet,they look AWESOME!!!!

I don't what the fuss about the uniforms is , who cares what the uniforms look like if the team is winning or playing good football is all that should matter. the retro uniforms or other uniforms the teams might wear is all done to sell new jerseys to the fans of the teams , the more jerseys sold might offset ticket price increases or at least keep the increase small.

8) I agree with you regarding all the fuss about the uniforms, as long as we're winning !!!
 As far as your second point regarding that the more jerseys sold might keep future ticket price increases low, then we all better go out a buy a new retro jersey right now  !!!!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->      <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Get over the uniforms. who cares? I like what they had on at home last week. Retro or not I just want to see my team play

Great idea... next game let's wear our 2025 uniforms!