2nd Pre-Season Winnipeg facts

Hey guys!

Winnipeg fan here, not whining or taking anything away, but for those who were curious about how close to the team your boys will see on July 2nd they played today, here is a list of starters who didn't make the trip for the Bombers (as far as I'm aware):

Offence: Running Back Fred Reid
Receiver Brock Ralph

Defence: DB Jovon Johnson
Linebacker Ike Charlton
D-Line Doug Brown, Odell Willis, Philip Hunt.

Didn't notice safety Ian Logan out there, but not sure. That said, your D-Line was up against our starting O-Line for a long while, and pressuring well, and though Cobb was not against our starting line, he scares me. Here's to a good game (Bomber win), and a good season (Montreal no higher than 3rd in the East)!


You can't read too much into this game at all, both teams were probably paranoid about using stuff that we'll be seeing next week.

exactly. this is just bad scheduling at its finest.. why would u have the 2 teams who play in the season openers play eachother the week b4.

personallly i think they should changge the pre-season so the east teams play the west teams. they are glorified practises so... u really do gotta take it for what its worth. the pre-season games are just boring and honestly.. nobody was predicting championships last week when the bombers beat the rookie als and nobody (well some will) but most wont be jumping off the bomber bangwagon just yet. did the cats look good? sure. but the bombers loooked good at times also.

this game wasnt about winning or losing, neither was last week. its about evaluating players.

Sounds good to me.

And yes Ian logan played a good portion of the 1st half.

Ian Logan was out there, saw his jersey as he was coming out.He started.As did Buck Pierce even though it was said that he wouldn't.

That's not an impressive list of players not playing at all.

Noone's scared of Ralph and Knowlton didn't play for us so that cancels Charlton out. Our list of impact players not playing can't be that far off yours, only our impact guys are all way better.


u guys are classic. last week u lost to the argos.

seriously, its pre-season.

u guys are setting yourself up for an epic fail this season.

high expectations for the cats this year, your cogeco announcers were talking cats going to the grey cup. really its pre-season.

doug brown, willis,hunt.. thats 3/4's of the dline that didnt play at all. YEAH but as if they would make a difference.

How do you know that you guys aren't the ones setting yourselves up for a fall?Your 1st string offense got totally derailed and your backups couldn't do a damn thing to stop Glenn throughout.Hell, they even let Tafralis chew up the yards and he couldn't even do that against T.O.Yes it's pre-season, yes you sat key players.But do not waive this off like it was a massive stroke of luck that we were able to topple the legendary Bomber's.

go away troll, your Bummers will be no better than our Tabbies so get over it

Last week we left 11 starters at home, but really all that matters is what happens next week.

what happens after we beat the bombers?

They drum up 1001 excuses, try to backtrack and say they never hyped this team or any of the players.Just like they did this off-season after their final loss.Same old same old.

The Bomber trolls suddenly appearing on the message board of an opposing team...making excuse after excuse. I'm shocked!

The Bombers will be absolutely destroyed by the Ticats this year. Glenn was moving the ball at will, and our D completely shut down Pierce. This will be" year of the excuses" in Winnipeg.

haha. excuses? its pre-season for gods sake. no excuses needed. heres the thing tho.. 9-9 for the bombers would probably be exceeding most peoples expectations after last seasons disaster. would ticat fans be happy with 9-9? i doubt it.

but u guys are so delushional, its not even worth it to respond.

Hey The KillerisMe, I heard Otis need a new tire scubber, at his carwash!

And yet...... you reposnded


Three starters on defense played (mistakenly said two in the other thread) and the rest were back-ups last season or are new to the team. Fred Reid not playing in the backfield. It will be very different on July 2.

That starting offensive line of yours got NO push what so ever, Reid wouldn't have had anywhere to run anyway.

good luck with that.
really wish you were a lil closer so you could put some money where your mouth is...