2nd pre-season game

We will see more action from our veterans in this one, so we should have a better idea of what to expect this season.

I’m also sure the “Hawk” won’t want to show all of the playbook, but my concern always is execution, whatever the playbook might be. The coaching staff is still evaluating players, so I don’t expect to see a lot of strategy per se in this one.

I sure hope to see more of the run plays in this game; I realize the coaches wanted to see the arms of their back-ups in the first game, but I believe the run game will even more necessary in AC’s 20th season/41st year. Properly executed and inserted strategically, it will keep opposing D’s guessing a little more.

nice post. Yes like you I am looking forward to a few more running plays on Thrusday. Was at the game last week far to many passing plays but i quess that''s what the preseason is for. Looking forward to our first reg game. :smiley:

We’re playing in the very stadium where the alouettes won their first grey cup november 26 1949. It’s too bad we can’t watch the game but I’m looking forward to seeing the highlights.

Hopefully we will get to see a blocking scheme for special teams. Wasn't impressed with last game both offensively or on defense. If a blocking plan is executed well, it doesn't matter if the other team knows what the plan is.

For 234, it's on TSN2.

Might have been originally scheduled but no longer. TSN after signing the lucrative TV deal reduced the pre-season schedule to just 2 games. :roll:

Speaking of the Argos, I`m most curious to see how d-line coach Ed Philion is handling Khalif Mitchell.

just went on the TSN2 website and the game, according to TSN2, is still scheduled for tomorrow at 8 PM.

Wish it was so but it is going to be Rocky 2 believe it or not. I forwarded to Thurs. on my TSN2 channel and it confirmed that. It was a hot topic on some of the other forums.

However, tomorrow at 8:00 for Alouette masochists they are showing last year`s Eastern Final against the Argos.

Reading up on the Argos, if Chris Jones can put together a dominant defense like last season with only 1 returning player on the d-line and 1 in the defensive backfield (although Pat Watkins has just shown up), then he deserves to be the first assistant to win Coach of the Year honors.

Also Trent Guy is having an excellent Argo camp as receiver.

Well, if that is indeed the case, I guess I'll watch the Impact. Promotion of CFL? Bah! Humbug!

From his twitter it looks like Kuale will be playing.

Richard start yelling at them to get the depth chart up. :smiley:

Since CFL teams have to post their depth charts 24 hours before game,-some teams do it before,such as Hamilton- I will wait roughly 4 hours,before I send them a note/polite request.

Will Kuale be part of the 2013 Als? Arland Bruce? They need strong game tomorrow.


I stand corrected, Sheldon. I saw that a game was scheduled for this evening, but it is a repeat of the East Final, which I most definitely don't want to see again. Evidently, there is no coverage of the Als-Argos game.

Someone mentioned watching highlights from the game on the late news. If such be the case, then some network/broadcast facility,... will be at the Roger's Center recording the game. So, it begs the question...why isn't it telecast? It's not like anyone has to fear that broadcasting the game will keep Toronto fans from buying tickets..! As I said in a previous post - CFL promotion? Bah! Humbug!

Depth Chart is available; unfortunately,all players are included,even the ones injured/not playing.


These things always come down to dollars. TSN probably could not get sponsorship dollars to cover what must be pretty high costs to produce live telecasts of football games. Sponsor money at this time of year probably still going to NHL and NBA.

I'm not going to repeat my regular rant on this issue, but it is also due to the lack of support for football in this country. If there were more interest in the game - large stadia packed to the rafters - there would be no problem with sponsorship; companies would be tripping over themselves to shell out money.

I don't blame the networks or sponsors; they base their decisions on how many bums are in the seats, how popular the game is (i.e. Neilson ratings). The real issue is that Canadians are simply not that interested in football. Hope that changes some day.

Totalement vrai. C’est donc à nous de prêcher et d’afficher nos couleurs. J’ai mis mon chandail Calvillo aujourd’hui. Au café, au moins 10 personnes sont venues me demander si la saison était commencée. Si 5 d’entre-elles se mettent à suivre le football canadien, ce sera une bonne prêche. Mais même si 1 seule d’entre elles le fait, ce sera ça de semé, et on recommence la semaine prochaine.

Le fait que nous aurons autant de parties les jeudis aura au moins l’avantage de me faire afficher mes couleurs plus souvent la semaine. Les gens vont en parler, vont m’en parler, et ainsi vogue la galère. Un professionnel qui s’habille avec un chandail des Alouettes, ça court pas les rues à Drummondville et ça fait jaser.


Je fais la même chose que toi, j’ai plusieurs articles des Alouettes que je porte assez réguilèrement au travail. Je voyage en transport public, donc je suis pas mal visible en cours de route. Pour les finales, un complément de maquillage bleu-blanc-rouge est tout indiqué.

J’ai réussi à interresser assez de gens au travail pour qu’ils assistent à quelques parties dans les années passées.

lol at winnipeg. :lol: please continue for 2 more weeks. :thup:

De ce que je comprends, l'équipe a été dans le coup jusqu'à 2:30 de la fin.

Il semble qu'il y ait eu de belles choses sur les unités spéciales et c'est très réjouissant. Par contre, la course n'a pas fonctionné. Je ne sais pas si c'était la ligne offensive de partants ou les usbstituts qui étaient sur le terrain, mais à en juger par le fait que Barrette a (encore) écopé d'une punition, je pense que les substituts y ont été le plus claire du temps.

Porter n'a pas semblé pouvoir capitaliser sur sa partie de la semaine dernière et Neiswnader lui a mis de la pression sur le dos avec une bonne prestation. Même Marsh a réussi a mener l'équipe à un touché. Réveille, Quinton! Il y a du monde pour ce poste de #2!

L'ancien Lion semble avoir fait un beau touché.

Je suis très heureux que les Alouettes aient dégotté Alvarado. Losque j'avais vu que les Timinous l'avaient libéré, je m'étais dit que les Alouettes devraient lui donner un essai, parce qu'il avait bien botté jeudi dernier. Ben on dirait que ce gars-là a de la dynamite dans la cuisse. Reste à voir comment il va se débrouiller pour les placements, mais on dirait que les jours de Sean Whyte sont comptés. En amenant Edem comme maraudeur, épaulé par Brouillette ou Townsend, les Alouettes peuvent avoir un non-canadien comme botteur. Si en plus Adebayo ou Pall perce l'alignement, ça donnerait encore plus de flexibilité.