2nd Pre-Season Game

I dont know if its just because Im a wild and crazy guy, but I am really looking forward to tonights game almost as much as a regular season game.

Obviously curious to see how Cobourne performs in a Tiger-Cat uniform and how his replacement Whitaker handles his assignments. Reading the Hamilton press, the Tiger-Cats will be aggressive under their new defensive co-ordinator Chamblin.

Can the Als get a running game going?

Also want to see if the new Alouette receivers continue their progression from last week. Watkins and Richardson are out, but the Hamilton DBs are supposedly their weak link.

The kicking battle will be ongoing. I get the impression the team would like Whyte to win the battle, but if he misses easy field goals they will have to seriously consider DeAngelis.

I won't be able to watch the game live, so I'm recording it. I share your enthusiasm for this game; I too want to see how the London/Bowling duo fares against ("stiffer"?) opposition. I'm surprised to hear that Richardson is not in the lineup.

While this is still only pre-season, it's the last pre-season game. Methinks that starters should get some reps to tune up for the regular season. This, of course, is always a delicate balance; on the one hand, you want your starters to stay sharp, while you run the risk of injury. Richardson & co. are competitors and they need the motivation of game action.

The running game will also be a particular point of interest for me. Whitaker wasn't particularly impressive last week; other RBs fared better than he. Our backup QBs showed much poise in the pocket - let's see how they do this time around. It'll be nice to see how AC does as well.

Go Als go!!!!

Thought I had read somewhere that Richardson had tweeked a hamstring at some point during TC ?

I am anxious for the game to begin. Like most of you,I will pay close attention to our "new" receivers,namely Baker,Bowling, London,along with Rodriguez; at least 2 of these 4 should be released in the next 48 to 72 hours. What will Avon do and will our RB look good?. I will have a close attention to Slaughter as a RB.

I do think that the "job" of a few of our veterans is on the line.To me, players that could lose their job are: Dix,Ho;ness, and Woldu.

Watkins? Remains one "enigme"


When Rod Black does play-by-play on TSN it is a no-brainer to tune in Casavant/Vercheval on RDS.

However, I might have one ear tuned to the CJAD broadcast to see if guest color commentator Uzooma Okeke (replacing Ed Philion who is coaching at Calg.`s training camp) has any inside scoops to offer.

The Als need to get some pressure on the quarterback
It's embarrassing

Highly unlikely Okeke will share any “inside” scoops while being employed by the Als.

Like Bowling as a returner as oppose to MayPray.

Is Sandro paying the Alouettes to stand there, can he kick something please? This game means nothing, our starters did the job and Glenn got nothing. Special teams will be worked on, im anxious for next thursday!

The good:

Bowling is a keeper.
Our running backs showed something. I say Whitaker is the starter and Marc the backup.
McPherson looks way more comfortable in our offense this season.

The bad:

Rodriguez showed why he'll be cut in a few days. One-dimensional, and can't even catch those jump balls with any consistency.
Santos was poor, weather conditions notwithstanding. He couldn't seem to go through his reads or find anyone once the primary read was taken away.

The ugly:

Special teams. I've been a defender of the decision to keep Bischoff as ST coordinator, but tonight was embarrassing. Two kick returns for TDs, fumble, and virtually no blocking for Maypray. Bischoff has had a year to get this unit in shape; he'd better do so, fast.

Overall, if Hamilton wants to feel good about beating up on our B-team with starters, let 'em. :lol:

Well, I got back around 10:00 and turned on CJAD for the last 1:50. I thought I heard Rick Moffat say 50-20 Ticats and thought to myself, nah, I must've heard wrong! But i guess I didn't - ha! ha! Of well, just a pre-season game I guess. I look forward to your comments.


That useless throw to the flat has risen it's ugly...drive-truncating head again
While I agree and Bowling was great...fighting for yards
I wish we'd just shelve that damned play for the unproductive garbage it is
It's good for 3-4 yards (if that) and getting our possession receiver knocked around needlessly

The teams were horrible....again...on both sides
Hopefully Bischoff is on a short leash
Much more of this and I'm gonna lose my supper

The separation between McPherson and Santos was suddenly VERY apparent...
McPherson's uncorking some sweet bombs and some bullet passes
Once the league starts focusing on his passing...he'll unleash the dogs
Have another 100yd+ running game :lol:

VERY worried about the D-Line
There was absolutely NO pressure on Glenn or Porter
The Alouettes may need to go out and find a rush-end
If this continues into the season

Not much from Bowling or London
But I found myself wishing Rodriguez "bon voyage" after that drop

The guy that stood out for me again is Ivan Brown.

What didn't impress me was the lack of hustle and desire and kick and cover teams. Alarm bells are going off for me there because they are so bad on ST that they can't aspire to win a GC unless they improve this in a big way, it is so bad you can't even evaluate returners. Calvillo/macpherson were 9 for 12, can only imagine what they can do with a set roster.

I agree with just about everything that has been said about this game.

The score is misleading. Hamilton played their first team for a half. The Als played their first team for two series.

What I liked: Macpherson poised in the pocket and accurate. Great touch on his passes. Seth Williams is a monster in the secondary. I think he stays, and Dix is probably out. Bowling returning kicks, and catching a few tough passes for tough yards. Dallas Baker's size; he looks even bigger than the other Als' big receivers. Emmanuel Marc's running. He is clearly the most explosive RB on the squad. Superb acceleration! The reports from journalists say he is a bad blocker. What a shame it would be to bench him, or worse, cut him.

What I did not like: special teams, special teams, and special teams. HORRIBLE! No blocking on kick returns, and they gave up 2 TDs on returns. That unit does not work!
Prechae Rodriguez! He catches a pass and needs 1 yard for a first down. Instead of putting his head down and using his 6'5, 220 pound body to grind out 1 yard, he starts dancing and prancing and gets tackled 1 yard short! He also drops a pass he has right in his hands near the endzone. He looks nonchalant. Too many good receivers to keep this guy. Baker, London and Bowling should be ahead of him.

The refs calling PI on Dwight Anderson in the first quarter! It seems the refs will once again call every single 50/50 debatable call against the Als' secondary again this year. Let the guys play!

Thanks for coming out guys.

Although seriously, I don’t expect to see the same Als during the regular season I saw in this game. I expected more from Prechae Rodriguez, McPhearson carved up our DBs, and one of your RBs hits his holes like a bat out of hell. Anyways, see you guys in week 5. :thup:

The East is going to be a war i think. Toronto,Hamilton and Winnipeg all improved and Montreal is still good. Should be an awesome season. Chris Williams Wow ! Grant… very good, lot’s of good young players in Hamilton’s camp this year. :thup:

You know you've had a bad game when:

Herb Zurkowski is the one person putting a positive "spin"
on the whole mess...


With a bit more time to reflect
I think I agree with Herb

The TiCats came into the game
with something to prove
To their fans
To their teammates
They played...they beat the Grey Cup Champs

The Alouettes lost an exhibition game
Regardless of what one pretends to call it
That's how they played it

Hopefully there won't be too many such exhibitions this season
But I think here you take the positives
Learn from (or cut) the negatives
And move on

I think I liked it better when I couldn't watch the pre-season
It's unnervingly chaotic

I tend to agree with all that has been said.

I think we all agree that, while we've got a great team, there are two areas of concern: (a) special teams; and (b) the running game.

Who is the coordinator of our special teams? Andy Bischoff.

Who is our running backs coach? Andy Bischoff.

Anyone see a pattern here?

On the interference call. . . I know Anderson has a bad rep so he's not going to get any breaks, but I don't question the call on him. It was plain and simple faceguarding. . . you can't screen the receiver from the ball by raising your hands in his face without yourself turning back to look for the ball. So the call was legit. The only problematic aspect is that Dix got away with exactly the same thing later on in the game.

I didn't see the game, so no comments from me.

ST have been an issue for the past couple of seasons. True, this was a pre-season game and there were lots of newbies out there, but downfield tackling and blocking schemes on the return game need to be worked out. Football is a game of territorial advantage; win that one and you win - period! In a tight game, a good return or pinning the opposition deep may just be the ticket between a W or a L in the standings. Put that scenario in a playoff game and it's the difference between a championship and better luck next season!

I won't repeat what I have already said about the running game except that we need one to complement the passing game.