2nd Place on Line Saterday

Winner of our Home Opener gets 2nd Place
Come on Ticats..

Bombers all alone in 1st with 3 Points

If the Cats can get to Bishop early, they may pull it off. That will be the tough challenge. With Toronto’s defence, we won’t win any shootouts.

The next 2 weeks could be interesting. We could drop the Argos to 0-2 and if we beat the ALs next week they would be 0-3. That would definetly be the start we needed.

I think having McKay-Loescher back will really help to get to Bishop.

With a QB as athletic as Bishop, I`d hope Nautyn can control his aggression and work on containing him. If Bishop can elude a DE, he can burn us for a long run.

That being said, I hope our D-line will take off his head tomorrow...

you people are asking an awfull lot from a bunch of rookies.
But I have to agree a win would be nice

And a loss would still leave us tied for third!!

i've been watching Argos practice all week and lets just say otehr than Damon showing he doesn't care anymore, I hope Bishop doesn't fire on all cycleneders on Saturday

why are we so worried so early in the season about 2nd place? I just want to see a td tonite! You have to take baby steps!

We will win tonite and be in 2nd place but really what does it matter right now?

I'd just like to point out that 2 points now are worth the same as 2 points late in the season!

Let's go out and win! :thup: