2nd or 3rd with 1or 2 yards...

Everyone here seems to be on Cobb's back over this. Its the system not him! Sending him out in these situations is like using a butter knife, not a steak knife to cut your meat.

We have TWO, countem 2 guys listed as FULLBACKS. Both Non Imports, so I guess the AMERICAN style coaches feel they cant do the job, and only a 190 lb AMERICAN running back can do it. Thigpen 196 lbs, Cobb 190. Brown (number 0 coach), and Forurnier (#38) both weigh in at 230lbs plus. Why arent they used?

When you line up with one or two yards to go and there is one or no running back in the backfield it is pretty obvious to the defense what is the plan. With these two lined up behind the QB the thoughts of the defense may be the same, but I am sure the results would be different. Fake to the one give to the other, give to the first fake to the second; fake fake and QB sneak thru the biggest OL/DL dent or hole. There's even fake, fake and quick pass to a TE.

What we need in this thread are choices and ideas for the OC. No critism, just ideas. Reasonable ones. You can't use a fake punt 'cause Wilbur already beat you to it.

If your idea gets used then you get a gold star. That and $8 will get yu a beer or 4 coffes at the next game.

A lot of people have been saying put a fullback in the backfield and maybe give him the ball on occasion. Well, they actually (sort of) did that yesterday when they handed off to McIntyre (270 lbs). Not sure he actually got the yardage given the offside call, but at least it showed that the coaches are willing to try different options. Finally.

I'd love to know why they don't put Fournier (230 lbs), a true fullback, in on those situations. The coaches obviously don't have faith in his ability to gain those yards. Yet, hopefully. While I like the look (and size) of McIntyre in there, I don't think we can afford to risk him on this type of play too often - he's way too valuable on the rush.

As for 2nd and short, many people have called for the bomb. What's the risk? An interception? That's always a risk on a pass no matter what down and how far to go. An incompletion? So then go for 3rd and short. Unless you're so worried about not getting the short yardage on 3rd down....

How about a dump to the extra tight end, possibly another D-liner? (Remember the Als' Anwar Stewart catch for TD a couple of years ago?)