2nd half team better show up!

Ok I will give them the excuse of coming off a bye week and being sluggish. 2nd half and the rant from Taffe and the team will rise again. Damn why can't this team get on the same page.

You're guess is as good as mine. Each time Chang has come in, the offense has always perked up.

except for tonight

.....like Eakin, Chang is probably giving up on this three-ring circus now.....and make no mistake, that's what it is.... :roll:

If you honestly believe that Chang has "given up", then why do you constantly call for him to start?

Do you finally admit that Eakin never wanted to play in the CFL? Looks like all your golden boys (in your words) have the moral equivalent of a backstabber...

those are your words…not mine…nice try though… :roll:

didn't you just way that Eakin "gave up", and you insinuated that Chang has "given up"?

Thought so...

you're changing your words as you go along.....stick to what I said.....ok?

You said Eakin gave up. You say Chang has given up.

Both are your golden boys.


Yup.....they both could have led this team but as is usual, the Tiger-Cats throw a season again to cater to a "project" starter........we're notorious for that and almost a laughing stock around the league.....other teams love us!!......they really do! :roll:

If that is the way you feel, then why watch the games?