2nd half offence

Well it's been 24 HOURS since our win so we can now officially complain about stuff lol.

This truly is unacceptable

2nd half offence
6 first downs
88 yards passing
29 yards rushing

The offence sat on that lead and fell asleep. Had it not been for our defence we could have lost.

I heard Austin yelling at the offence on the sidelines after that Tasker drop, wasn't pretty and hopefully he laid into them again.

I'm in the Bill Belichick school of thought "i'll stop trying to score as soon as you stop trying to score"

Keep the pedal to the metal boys from now on.

They were up by 31 points.

I don't care what level of play you're at its very difficult to stay up and maintain an edge when you're in the lead by so much. It was that edge that got us 21 points on under 7 minutes and that just blows out your adrenaline and you're left feeling heavy and lethargic. It's a natural chemical reaction within the body.

They played the football equivalent of trap hockey for the second half.

I do agree but like I said hopefully Austin can keep them focused if this happens again… If the defence can push through and keep their edge so should the offence.

Calgary did the same thing in the Grey Cup game. It happens all the time, and I don't think it's an issue. The perfect game is a rare occurrence in this age of relative parity.

One of the most noticeable second half offence drop offs happened to Mac at the 2011 Vanier Cup.

almost impossible to sustain a perfect offence all game. especially after adjustments are made at half time

I agree with the two previous comments in this thread. :thup: :thup: :thup:

How come none of the suddenly millions of people following & commenting on the Jays are asking why they didn’t score anymore runs after putting up 10 over the first 2 innings last night on their way to a 10-3 win?

I for one am not worried about our offence. They continue to improve despite muddling some after going up 31-0 in the first half. I’m hoping and expecting that they’ll be right back on stride Saturday night when it matters.

i got a better question… Why am I suppose to care about why the Jays stopped playing to win? Lol j/k but not really :lol:

Seriously though… Everyone that has commented in this thread would be singing a different tune had The 'sqeeters came back and won 32-31.

Those numbers I posted are horrible.

But they didn’t so what you are suggesting is hypothetical at best. The Cats won man! They appear now to be the most talented team than any other Cats team have been over the past 20 years. Rejoice! Stop the nit picking. Be happy!

Games have a dynamic. With the lead the Ticats built up there was no way the Bombers were going to come back. There was no need to pour it on and try to win 60- 2. It made sense to play things safe after the half. The Ticats were in charge of things and sent an ample message about whose game it was. Had the Bombers shown any serious signs of life, the Ticats could have played more aggressively too. But it didn't start to go that way and so it didn't need to. I'm delighted with the result. And with no Fantuz or Gable. Now let's go play the game that needs to be played against BC to win again.

And almost always when a team has a big lead at halftime they do sort of coast the second half it is natural. I'm also quite confident that had the Bombers narrowed the score to get closer - almost certainly the Cats intensity would have ramped back up and squashed the threat.

And since it is over 24 hours my minor complaint (and note I said minor) is the start time for those of us sitting in the east stands. The second half with the sun getting lower and lower on the horizon actually made it tough to see. For stretches when the play was in the south end of the field - even with sunglasses on you had to hold your hand out a foot from your face to try to shield your eyes to be able to watch the play and I swear more than once I heard comments like 'I can't see a thing' or 'all I see is sunspots' from those around me. .

Thank God they didn't build the west side any higher, I have enough trouble getting to the top now.

im very happy and I did a crap ton of rejoicing, now the nitpicking I cant help but do that. getting better is always better!


way too high now. my 6 year old and I tried to just go up the stairs and I had to turn back and go back down, he called me a big chicken lol

yah hopefully that’ll be that last 5pm game in a very long time.

Much better!