2nd down & 8

After that disgaceful 48-0 loss last year I attended practice the following morning just in time to see the players crowded around the coach for a parting meeting.
He dismissed them and they walked to the dressing room.
The players heads were silent and their heads were hanging like whipped dogs
From that scene I deduced that the team didn't have the coaching/plays necessary to win. ( no change this year )

  I would think that to-day was similar.
 A 3 yrd completed pass rarely gets us a 1st down.   It is sad.

i wanna see a shotgun spread offense with 2 runningbacks poudning the ball up the middle.

Not much else you can do second and long against the Argo's, they sit back and force you to throw those passes, if you don't you'll be picked off.

Question.. why is it that when the Cats have a team 2nd and 8, the other team is able to get the 8+ yards for the 1st down???

Simple.. they run a crossing route that usually goes over the middle. And thats a play we rarely run for some strange reason.

Joe Pop must go.