2nd Cuts

WINNIPEG, MB – The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced today that 21 players have been cut from the team's roster.
The cuts include:
• SB Blair Atkinson
• DB Robert Bean
• DL Dante Booker
• P/K Brian Claybourn
• DB Cedric Dickerson
• DB Robert Grant
• LB Donny Green
• DB Sidney Haugabrook
• OL Jermese Jones
• DL Hakeem Kashama
• OL Adam Krajewski
• QB Russ Michna
• OL Marc Parenteau
• WR Chad Rempel
• DE Dexter Ross
• FB Lenard Semajuste
• RB Onterrio Smith
• RB David Stevens
• S John Sullivan
• DB Jazzmen Williams
• K/P Kirk Yliniemi

yay for Michna being cut

...too bad actually /.....i thought Michna had a lot of smarts...the only thing he dosen't have is a rifle for an arm.....and that cost him....sorry to see him go... :cry:

Mike Quinn goes 6 for 23 and he beats out Michna for a job? Good lord, Ted White could do better than 6 for 23..................

...we ain't sold on Quinn yet, MadJack....he apparently injured his throwing arm in the last pre-season...BUT ...the big surprise is keeping Banks in the bullpen....i guess the coaches are willing to groom this guy....he could be a star in this league..according to some....he's young and i guess if someone is patient enough ...they could have a good one...i guess we're willing to be patient... :thup:

I'm a fan of Banks thats why I'm happy to see Michna go. And I dont see how Michna is smart, he throws lots of INT's and he had a few that should have been INT's but the defender dropped the ball.

Micna....definitely an intelligent qb. ...but when you rattle your hand off of a helmet ..like he did in the last Mont. game....i would say it could throw your game off... anyway....he was a smart signal caller...just no arm...and Banks has got a long way to go to prove to me he belongs in a Blue Bomber uniform... i hope we can bring him along...

We haven't seen the last of Onterrio Smith - that's for sure.

Bombers are extremely stupid in some situations. First of all michna out performed banks 100%, onterrio smith may bnot have done good in preseason, but wut do u expect wen he gets 2 carries, and donnie green could have been key to have at linebacker.

finally michna is gone and one that i was suprised was chad rempel


I think the bombers made a couple of mistakes during the cuts ... at QB i am not surprised at all because Berry says Quinn is probably the most intelligent of all the BB's Qb's and he is a great locker room presence. But why did the bombers let the following go?

DL Hakeem Kashama - had a great pre-season and holds his own.

DB Robert Grant - can perform to his 2004 potential again, big mistake and who is left from the Wynn trade? should've kept Wynn....

Donny Green and Jermese Jones will be picked up by another team and haunt the bombers.

Anyway's Coach knows best?? Or is it Taman (who has to go).... Go Blue Go

They kept the best people for the new offensive and defensive schemes they will be running, which none of us have yet to see, so lets leave the second guessing until after the first couple regular season games........guys like Doug Brown and Charles Roberts are sure singing the praises of the new coaches and are very excited about the schemes....that has to be good news...

....yeah i like the sounds of things coming out of the club lately....sounds positive...though i would say every team has it share of optimism...it definitely will be better than last year...and thats :thup: an understatement.. :thup:

i think Donny Greens on the IR. or thats the rumor anywase, and the reason hakeem kashama was cut was simply because oosteruis and legault out performed him.

and the reason why some of those cuts were made(roibert grant) was because of the fact that we had even more talent at the positions there. so if u think there was drastic bad cuts there, then think of how good we’ll be. i was suprised at the fact that they cut hagubrook. i liked him in camp.

however the coaches know what their doing. but personally i would love to see stanford samules out at safety. he hits like a linebacker, makes his tackles and is good in coverage. so if none of the NI’s can handle it they should throw stanford back there, ockimey back there is just wierd. i think ockimey and charlton on either side of simpson will be good. charlton has the size of a linebacker in the CFL and has the speed of a DB and can cover. i think he’ll be great for this scheme.


second, why was Russ Michna cut?

third, what about Banks who was left behind while the team went to Montreal?