2nd biggest rival for TiCats?

Without an inkling of a doubt, the biggest, most intense rivalry for the TiCats is with the Toronto. But I'm wondering who takes the number 2 spot.

What team do you think is the second biggest rival for the TiCats? Why?

I'm going to say Winnipeg, though I'm not sure why. Gut feeling? Maybe because Winnipeg's population is closest to Hamilton's, out of all CFL cities, so it feels more like a battle of equals? Perhaps it's because they're a Western team in the Eastern division, so it doesn't feel like they "belong" in the same division as us and I get the same pleasure from the TiCats beating them as I do from getting rid of unwanted pests?

After that, I'd put Montreal and Saskatchewan as the teams I'd most like to see the TiCats beat, but that has more to do with their recent performances, especially in the post-season. Based on the last couple of seasons, Montreal is the team we need to beat to get to the Grey Cup, while Saskatchewan is the team we need to beat to win the Grey Cup. If they weren't doing so well, I might not care as much, though.

Winterpeg !! Chew Toys... :lol:

Where is the option for Raise The Hammer?

For the last few years it's been Winnipeg. They're in our division, we haven't been able to compete with Montreal, and some of the coaches, players, (and yes for us their fans on this site) have made what we consider to be rude comments.

During the Lancaster era, especially early when we were competitive, there was a bit of an extra frisson of excitement when we played Edmonton. Way back in the 60's after the hit that Mosca put on Willie Fleming there was an intensity to games against the Lions. For a while, especially in the Tony Gabriel era, it was Ottawa.

Winnipeg for sure.They have some awesome fans that are willing to get into the game and mingle with the Cat fans, they're Eastern and like said about it's always a toss up unlike the usual 50-5 Montreal thrashings.

Doug Brown's ramblings about our locker room facilities and Fred Reid preemptively predicting personal success against the Cats has added fuel to the fire. Lets not forget the chirping between Otis Floyd and Mike Kelly as well as our On-A-Boat touchdown celebrations in 2009.

In certain respects, we've had a more bitter rivalry Winnipeg than Toronto. In fact, I'd go as far to say that our rivalry with Toronto is more about the contrast in culture between our cities whereas Winnipeg has been more about chirping between players and staff.

Win - a - peg

.....thanx guys....we luv you too..... :lol: Anyhooooo....sure seems like the Cats are replacing the Riders as far as 'rivalry' goes....I see a great year coming-up and who do we play first when it means something?????? :slight_smile: ...Both teams have a lot of improving to do and don't let our 4-14 record of last year fool ya...We'll definitely be better and if Buck can stay healthy????...Should be a great season :wink:

Hoping for a very competitive season (cept for the Arblows, they can go 0-18), Ticats vs. Bombers in the 1st round of the playoffs.You heard it here first.

Number 1 rival of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats: Toronto Argonauts

Number 2 rival of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats: Everybody else

Winnipeg--their fans are more annoying than Argo fans