2nd best rivalry per team

Let's say that for whatever reason none of the labour day matchups could happen one year. If this happened, what "rivalries" would you have in place?

I would say the easy ones would be

Toronto vs Ottawa
Hamilton vs Winnipeg
Saskatchewan vs Calgary

For the 4th match I would say definitely Edmonton, though I could see arguments for either BC or Montreal being a bigger rival. However I think I would have to give the edge to Montreal due to all the Grey Cup games.

I’ve felt like, ever since the Grey Cup in '09, Montreal and Saskatchewan have had a great rivalry. Just about every game they play is a great one, and some of the most memorable moments in recent seasons have been in games between these two.

Perhaps these match-ups...

Hamilton vs Ottawa
Sasatchewan vs Edmonton
Montreal vs Toronto
Calgary vs Winnipeg

For the Riders, they have had bigger rivalry with BC, Calgary and Montreal over the past 5-6 seasons mostly due to the west being a dog fight year in and year out, and the Riders playing Montreal in back to back Grey Cups in 2009 and 2010.

I would probably break them down like this

BC v Winnipeg
Saskatchewan v Montreal
Toronto v Edmonton (Ricky Ray fiasco)
Calgary v Hamilton (Henry Burris)

Well, the labour day match up says our rival is Sask, but I take most pride in beating Montreal - which we have been pretty good at lately, and are about to get even better at!

Once Ottawa enters the league in 2014 I suspect you'll see the following Labour Day Match-ups.

BC idle

The interesting thing though is that I suspect the return engagement, home-&-home, will be scrapped. Can't give BC to bye weeks in a row. I suspect the last and final bye week will go to Ottawa with BC taking up the return game in Montreal the weekend after labour day.

The Battle of Alberta and Banjo Bowl will probably remain, perhaps the Argos/Ti-cats too, but I could see the Ottawa/Montreal tilt not having a rematch game.