2nd Best Riders QB ever

that might explain his high flying :lol:

I have to ask a stupid question, and maybe this is b/c I probably have never seen the guy play, but who is 747?

Steve Sarkisian (sp) He is the QB coach at USC. Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart were coached by him, weird hey ?

Joey "747" Adams. Cant be a true member of RIDERNATION if you dont remember him, heh heh

Its amazing that Sarkisian broke Steve Young's passing records in college. When he came here he couldn't pass his way out of a wet paper bag.

This guy got screwed, he had a chance to be a really good QB in Regina, but he got screwed around, got tired of the B.S. in Saskatchewan (this was before Shivers's crap) and decided to retire rather then put up with this bunch of crap!

I don't blame him, cause he was a lot like Glenn.. who never got his chance here because Shiver's wanted it his way!..