2nd Best Riders QB ever

ok since we know who's #1.. we'll choose between 5 others for #2..

you forgot 747

Kent Austin hands down :wink:

The pickings are slim!

Who’s #1? Seriously. LoL jk

I guess someone forgot about Ron Lancaster.

notice the "jk" in my post? i know about him... Who hasnt!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I still vote for 747

u must be a [i]RIDER[/i] fan :stuck_out_tongue: why would u be concerned about the [i]RIDERS[/i] :wink: thats nice 8)

Idont know if you caught my post elsewhere, but I post it here again just for the heck of it.

notice the "jk" in my post? i know about him... Who hasnt!!!:P
haha sorry man, i guess i overlooked that. for a second i thought u were being serious b/c lancaster did throw more INT's than TD's and we did boo him off the field in his last game as a Rider. Nevertheless he is one of 2 QB's to win us a Grey Cup and IMO is the best QB in franchise history. On a more serious note, does anyone else think he should run for CFL commisioner?

Footballyoubet, that's an interesting story. Did you go back to being a Rider fan AFTER the '89 season? You see we've been shut out from the GC ever since (as well as from '66 to '89) - hmmmm. :lol:

The second best QB in Rider history (and possibly the best if his carrier had not been cut short by a knee injury) is Glenn Dobbs.

Reggie Slack!

off and on, always to some degee. They are my 4th right now, behind, BC, TO, and HAM. Never have been number one again, so ya cant blame me :slight_smile:

LOL, not trying to blame you. Truthfully, there's enough blame to go around. I personally support the "Gainer jinx" theory. Gainer became the official Rider mascot in 1977, the year after the Rider's last first place finish. After a decade and a half of perpetual playoffs and winning seasons, it all went downhill starting in 1977. So much loosing, so much disappointment, all because of that mangy rodent! And this is the animal that farmers hate so much, they actually have gopher killing derbys!

The guy couln't play football, but he sure did know how to party. I'll give him that much.

Warren Jones? Why is he even listed? He was horrible. The other choice are great!

The 2nd best ever was Kent Austin.

I'm gonna have to agree with Reggie Slack on this one. I mean, that guy could really throw the ball between snorts.

Or maybe it was Austin. Yeah, he lead us to a Grey Cup, so I think that's the only guy i could really vote for.

How many times do I have to tell you guys, second best was without a doubt, good ole 747. got it

He was the second best cocaine addict we ever had after Reggie of course :lol: