2nd Annual European Kicking Camp, Budapest, July 20-22, 2007

14 non-Hungarians and 11 Hungarians from 9 different countries have signed up for the camp to showcase their talent during the 2nd Annual European Kicking Camp in Budapest, Hungary on July 20-22, 2007.

The finalized list includes participants from 9 European countries, 6 national kickers/punters:

  1. Peter Kramberger (AUT) national kicker/punter, NFLE camps
  2. Wilhelm Krapfl (AUT)
  3. Henrik Juul-Nielsen (DEN)
  4. Heinz Quast (DEN) national kicker, NFLE 2004 Berlin Thunder, NFL tryouts with Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears
  5. Kari Hytönen (FIN) national kicker/punter, NFLE camps
  6. Aku Kuhlman (FIN)
  7. Damien Humbert (FRA)
  8. Tilman Fecke (GER)
  9. Sven Linn (GER)
  10. Thierry de la Mar (NED) youth national kicker/punter
  11. Ronald Hein (NED) national kicker/punter, NFLE camps
  12. Péter Sipiczki (HUN)
  13. Márk Benke (HUN)
  14. ?dám Sviatkó (HUN)
  15. Lajos Vörös (HUN)
  16. Márton Varga (HUN)
  17. Gábor Sviatkó (HUN) national kicker/punter, NFLE camps
  18. Miklós Stumpf (HUN)
  19. Péter Horváth (HUN)
  20. Csaba Majoros (HUN)
  21. Tamás Fazekas (HUN)
  22. Kruppa Zoltán (HUN)
  23. Aleksandar Radovanovic (SER)
  24. Milan Matovic (SER)
  25. Bernhard Kohli (SUI)

More info about the camp and the participants: http://gaborsviatko.googlepages.com/europeankickingcamp

Gábor Sviatkó [K/P Budapest Wolves #1]

Stats and videos: http://gaborsviatko.googlepages.com/home
European Kicking Camp: http://gaborsviatko.googlepages.com/europeankickingcamp


Camp stats are finished! Here is the overall ranking of the camp:

  1. Henrik Juul-Nielsen (DEN) 157 pts
  2. Gábor Sviatkó (HUN) 134 pts
  3. Damien Humbert (FRA) 115 pts
  4. Ronald Hein (NED) 114 pts
  5. Heinz Quast (DEN) 104.5 pts
  6. Lajos Vörös (HUN) 95 pts
  7. Tilman Fecke (GER) 93.5 pts
  8. Márton Varga (HUN) 92 pts
  9. Aku Kuhlman (FIN) 90 pts
  10. Tamás Fazekas (HUN) 81.5 pts
  11. Csaba Majoros (HUN) 74.5 pts
  12. Márk Benke (HUN) 73.5 pts
  13. ?dám Sviatkó (HUN) 67 pts
  14. Miklós Stumpf (HUN) 65 pts
  15. Péter Sipiczki (HUN) 59.5 pts
  16. Bernhard Kohli (HUN) 49 pts
  17. Thierry de la Mar (NED) 43 pts
  18. Gábor Horváth (HUN) 40 pts
  19. Wilhelm Krapfl (AUT) 28 pts
  20. Zoltán Kruppa (HUN) 24.5 pts
  21. Kari Hytönen (FIN) did not participate due to injury

Participants are awarded based on camp stats in the following categories:

* Best Overall Kicker/Punter: Henrik Juul-Nielsen (DEN)
* Best Kickoff Specialist: Henrik Juul-Nielsen (DEN)
* Best Field Goal Specialist: Henrik Juul-Nielsen (DEN)
* Best Punting Specialist: Ronald Hein (NED)
* Most Improved Kicker: Ronald Hein (NED)
* Most Improved Punter: Lajos Vörös (HUN)
* Rookie of the Year: Damien Humbert (FRA)

Congratulations to the winners!!


Great post dude.

That is cool to see. I would like to see Walby try saying: Gábor Sviatkó. If these guys are the best in Europe, a few of them could easily be good enough for CFL teams, eh?