2nd and Long Defense

At the beginning of the year, whenever our defense would force a second and long, we would blitz. But blitz without hiding it. We would stick 7 guys right on the line and go for it. A quick pass beat us every time. After the first few games, I didn't see this anymore and we say more standard disguised blitzes.

What I have noticed the last 2 weeks is starting to frustrate me. We get 2nd and long and then we only rush 3 guys! The QB sits back in the pocked and just wait for a received to get open.

Anyone else notice this?

What we need is a big chunky DT that can burst through the line and force the DE's to contain.It's all DE pressure right now and teams have figured out how to combat that.A Kerron Williams or Aaron Hunt type guy.

This is most frustrating when we have the opposing team pinned deep inside their 10 yard line with a 2nd and 14, and on the next play they get a 1st down. It's happened a few times this year.

8) It's happened almost every time for the last several years.
  In the old days, the Cats Defence would would never allow that to happen.  (I'm talking real old days)