2nd and 1....LET'S PASS

Ok, for the most part the passes and deep hand offs worked this time for H, but what do you think? If 2nd and 1 always get the 1st down crashing the line? Myself, I am of the old school that if you blow it at least you have the option of trying again, unlike a pitch out and getting tackled 4 yards deeper.

It’s OK to get cute once in a while to catch the other team flat-footed, but if you do it constantly, all you’re doing is letting probability work against you.

I am with you, don't know how many times it's the QB sneak and a waste of a 2nd down not to mention a boring play.
Look what the BB did against you guys with Adams throwing for a pass and had he lead the receiver it was a TD by a long shot.
I say keep the D honest and heck once in a while you will get lucky and the pass will go for a TD.