$2M Gross gate?

We have not heard it as living outside the hamilton area, but have the Cats bought the game from the league?
If so, you have to figure at 30,000 seat and if there is an average ticket of $50 well that is a handsome $1.5M.
Now add concession sales etc, we could be looking of a gross $2M?
Does anyone know.

Interesting question. The Cats will probably make a lot of extra money this week off of merchandise.

TiCats or a can of tomato soup, no difference, its a product for sale, buy it, or don't. This years offer is of much greater value than it has in years, the "Bobs" have given the consumer a quality product.

Go Cats's...and thanks "Bobs" :slight_smile:

I wonder how much money the ti-cats organization actually makes of sales and how much goes to the CFL and reebok.

Since the Ticats are privately owned, they don't have to tell any one how much money they make or lose. So it really is none of your business.

Wrong answer, we a merely trying to find out if the team bought the gate from the league.
If so, it will hopefully result in a whopper of a pay day and which is well deserved.

I understand it costs $10M to run the team so an extra $2M would go a long way.

I hope I can still get tickets - I couldn't get thru all day. :frowning:

Let's hope the weather is good. Looks like it might rain.

I thought I heard the league gets the ticket revenue, the team gets concession $$

"the [Ti-Cats] front office wasn’t confident enough of selling out a playoff game to buy it back from the league (as is their right)"

Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/g ... le1357277/

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Thanks for that link.
And all I can say is that's just unfortunate!
I bet the team is kicking themselves now after seeing the turnout of fans to purchase tickets today.
Oh well I don't blame them either.... but at least they should make a decent penny with concession sales (30,000 x avg. $20 = $600,000) if not more....

Yes thanks for the good link, and again Brunt has a negative slant.
I am truly surprised that the team did not take the risk.
Even 20,000 sold at $50 gives them $1M and thats without the concessions.

Brunt is only stating the obvious. Even if the Detroit Lions won the Super Bowl, the fact is the city of Detroit remains as Brunt describes Hamilton, only a heck of a lot worse. Even 10 Super Bowls in a row wouldn't change that. Sports is a diversion, yes, and sports in todays day and age of multi-entertainment gadgets and options, doesn't fill the consciousness of any city like it did way way back, in any city or in any league. Stephen just failed to mention this tidbit, of course, right Stephen? :wink:

Why do people have this attitude. For better or worse fans have an interest in how well the team does financially due to the very fragile nature of the franchise and the potential loss of it should the owner decide he’s taken enough losses. As a major source of income they also have influence on decisions made by the team. Bob Young may own the team but he’s well aware of his obligations to the fans if he wants their continued support just like any other supplier/customer relationship in any other buisness

I see nothing wrong with the Brunt article. Its bang on every step of the way

Actually it is much closer to $20 million. I don't think a sold out game could make this season profitable. Sask sold out every game, lead the league in merch sales and won the Grey Cup and only made about $1.5 million two years ago.

Very tough to make money in the CFL.

I think Saskatchewan's accounting is a little funny and they end up finding bizarre things to spend their money on to ensure their profit doesn't end up too high.

I agree.

I agree, I'm just really getting tired of the pity.

Lets say after taxes the average ticket price is $35. Say you sell 25,000 tickets for your 10 home games at that price. That would be $875,000 per game and $8.75 mil for the season on ticket sales. It is a common reference that ticket sales in the CFL represents about 75% of a teams revenue.

So, at those figures 25% of corp deals, merch and other revenues would be $3.5 mil. Add them up and you get $12.25 mil and if a CFL team's expenses are around $16-20mil, you can easily imagine there is a decent short fall potential...

I agree there's nothing wrong with the article. However Hamilton is no different than any other city when it comes to pro sports. Sports is a diversion, like many things and while nice, is not absolutely needed whatsoever. And just as the Cats do not hold that special place in the consciousness of the city like way back when when there weren't as many entertainment options, neither do the Leafs in Toronto for that matter. If the Leafs close shop tomorrow, Toronto will survive quite nicely and no one is probably going to commit suicide or that. And winning the Stanley Cup is a diversion as well for Leaf fans, a nice celebratory diversion but nothing more nor less. All I'm saying is that Brunt tries to paint a picture of Hamilton and the Cats as some unique thing and that is just a false representation in my opinion.