$ 29 tickets in Upper Level have been opened

More sections in the Upper Level have been opened and they're 29 each. In '04 those same seats were 45 each.

They were at 28,000 yesterday so they should surpass 30,000 today.

I've always liked the upper deck better. Thats where our tickets have been all year.

Good to see Sec 14-15 open on the upper deck... a sure sign that ticket sales are moving along.

The upper deck prices are $64, $54, $44, $29; that's virtually the same as the lower deck. The $29 in the upper deck are the corners / endzones. I don't remember how the prices worked last year, but if it was $45 for an L4 endzone seat that was WAY too much. $29 is a much better price and is in line with a $70 premium seat.


The $29 upper deck seats actually includes the silver level ($34) pricing in the lower bowl. So if you get your tickets early enough you could be sitting on the 20-yard-line up top for $29. A great deal!