Are we suckers or just kinda slowwww? At what point does the bottom fall out? I love the game and i love the team, but at the end of the day the disappointment is becoming very expensive! Passionate fans deserve better than this... quit pointing fingers and start PLAYING BALL LIKE PROFFESIONALS.

Don't expect to see 29000 after last night's debacle. If the team doesn't turn this around next game, I don't expect the Labour Day game to be a sell out

The owner has done his job well.
The fans have filled the place.

   When are you guys going to show up to PLAY   ?

I'm with you, nesleinr, in terms of the ownerand the fans. I would even go a little further and mention the scoreboard, the field, the washrooms, etc., but


Labour Day will see full stands,as will the remaining home games be 27K+ (weather-permitting). Why? Brilliant event-marketing and an excellent business plan.

i was thinking today that before bob young bought the team the crowds were lucky to be in the 10,000 to 12,000 range and the team won its fair share of games. when they did get a crowd of 25,000 or more they stunk the joint out most of the time. maybe they just cant play in front of a near full house. just a thought

I agree, Labour Day will be a sellout.

Putting the schedule on Tim Horton's cups was a good idea.

One wonders how big the demand for tickets would be if this team had a winning record.

Call me a sentimental fool, but I can’t see myself ever losing my passion for the Tiger-Cats franchise…players come and go but the team lives on forever!

Sadly, due to an injury to my heel bone, I couldn’t attend last game and I watched on TV…it was OK I suppose but still not the same…(I did buy two extra tickets on top of my 3 seasons and my kids and their friends went)

I predict a sell-out for Labour Day !!

Now, if we can only beat the Riders back to back, we may even have to get more seating shipped in for Labor Day (if there is room anymore that is)…wouldn’t that be cool?

Win or lose, I still have a blast at Ivor Wynne…It’s a fun place to be!..(winning is better though I’ll admit)