#28 vs #77

I know football is one of the ultimate team games but I can't wait to see "The Beast" knock the tar out of A.J. Gass. Should be a good battle to watch during the game.

P.S. What's with Gass hammer throwing a helmut across the field?

Gass and Rob Murphy should start a Scumbags of the CFL club.

I’ve been wondering if A.J.Gass could be suspended for a game for ripping the helmut off of Stamps OL Comisky (?) then throwing it …

Sounds like a one game suspension to me .

I feel the same way. That is why I am so glad I will be "sitting" in Commonwealth Stadium this Saturday. (Sitting being the wrong word.)

I'm going to the game game with a huge Eskies fan as well. Should be a lot of fun!

Aj Gass is an embarassment to the CFL, He has a huge anger problem & I understand football is a game where you can take out your anger & frustration but AJ takes it too far. I watched the game last night & was disgusted at what he did, first of all he ripped off the helmet of Calgary O linemen while one of his buddies was spearing the O linemen to the ground. It reminds me of what AJ did last season to I believe Brock Ralph, when he kicked him in the head while in play.

AJ better get whats coming to him from the CFL & after his actions last night shouldn't be participating in the game vs Hamilton.

Kyle Turley's Riddell Hammer toss cost him $25K from the Saints in 2001, so Gass should probably have a benchside view in his civvies if the exchange rate is apt for the CFL.


No player should be allowed to hurl any equipment around like that. Ever.

Oski Wee Wee,

Gass and Rob Murphy should start a Scumbags of the CFL club
Anderson can be VP of Operations.


Gass and Rob Murphy should start a Scumbags of the CFL club.
Move over and make room for Kyries Hebert - watch a game and he is guaranteed to make a cheap/late hit.

also dont forget zeke ''and destroy'' moreno on tyler ebell....unless he is still injured then it would be Zeke on Ron Mclendon

I would like to see Jesse beat the crap out of AJ gaas as well, especially since he tried to kick brock ralph last year. He is such a fool that he missed :smiley: I think that we'll win!

I think we all agree that we would love to he 77 on his back after train 28 goes right through him. But I bring up two points that we should consider. With Gass being ejected last week he is going to be jacked up a bit more then usual and after Jesse's big game last week he is going to look to make a big play. This is the perfect time to use Corey Holmes on misdirection since Gass is going to be spying Jesse. Then go back to Jesse and watch him run right through Gass! Lets also give some credit to the O-Line they opened up some huge holes for Jesse to run through.

Go Cats Go!