28+ Points in 8 out of 11 games

This team has allowed 28+ points in 8 out of 11 games, not much to leave to the imagination with the title. It hasn't all been the defences fault with some pick sixes and blocked punts driving up the scores, but ultimately as a team you can't allow this many points and expect to win. It's a roll of the dice whenever this team hits the field, if the offence isn't firing you basically can call it quits because they aren't going to play shut down defence or help themselves with turnovers on offence and ST.

They have allowed 30, 36, 30 in last 3 games, crushed the sad sack Riders, but allowed 45 the week before that to BC, 37 to Winnipeg the week before that, and then 31 in that crazy comeback over the Eskimos.

Just not going to cut it come playoff time unless we can score 35+ every game.

It's a problem that has to be addressed if we are to advance to the Grey Cup this year.

It's kinda reminiscent of that dreadfully awful 2012 Cat defence that might just go down as one of the worst in team history. Looking at the results so far it's closer then you think , 2016 Cats = 28 + in 8 of 11 games with 7 remaining. The 2012 Cats = 28+ in 15 of 18 games played that season with 13 of those 15 games having 30 + points scored against. Now don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting for a second that this years team is on a par or is as bad as that 6-12 last place team of 2012 but you have to admit that the numbers are eerily similar to date and need to be rectified and improved dramatically before we can even consider this team to be of Championship calibre.