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You know you're getting old when social media numbers are starting to maybe be more important than attendance and I say 'what the heck?'. Well I guess that's really not the case, but you get my drift. :? :wink: :o

Its not more important but higher social media numbers should help attendance.

And TV ratings, which is almost as important (if not more important) than attendance.

Nice! But let's get those 27000 off their computer chair and onto the planks of Ivor Wynne. :wink:

I had always heard that the CFL is more of a gate-driven league. I'm not really sure what affects the owners bottom line more. A massive TV audience or a sellout at the stadium?

Got excited for a second. That the thread title might have been referring to an increase in seating for the new stadium.

Exactly where my mind went. Sigh....

That would depend on how much value TSN puts on a "massive" (for Canada) TV audience. I'm guessing that the gate is probably still primary, with TV and merchandise revenues well behind. I just hate being trivialized, given that being part of the gate isn't really an option for me. (Gotta get me one of them Neilson boxes so I can be officially counted as part of the CFL TV audience.)

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