27,000 sold for winnipeg game

heard on nw this morning rick dawlywall said 27,000 sold for fridays game, looks like the black will not be lifted has to have 30,000 sold 48 hrs before game time, i heard. they will probebly only get 30,000
for friday. but i will be there.


Go buy tickets and support the Lions getting Kicked!!!

More like the LIONS doing the kicking!!!


Lions are going to kick the shit out of Winnipegs ass that is for sure.. only reason why we lost last game was because i was in calgary and not there lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Winnipeg is going to bow to the masters tonight. I hope we get over 30,000.

BOW TO THE MASTERS!!! That kicks serious ass. We will be victorious.GO LEOS!!!

I believe in blue and slitherx. nice troll job. Explain to me how trolls are better than excuse makers? Same crap, different pile. Good job! :smiley: