26 players already gone from last years team

As far as I`m concerned, 2008 through 2012 was a great period for Alouette football. Four East Division Championships, three Grey Cup appearances and two Grey Cup titles in a five season span!

Great football teams require great coaching. Trestman has placed himself in that category IMO.

P.S. I have no idea what Charlie Taffe has to do with Trestman`s accomplishments with the Alouettes.

LOL !! Where did I say anything about Taffe having anything to do with Trestman's accomplishments with the Alouettes? The only thing the two have in common is the fact that they both were at one time successful Head Coaches of the Alouettes . I simply used Taffe as a comparison of a HC who was also successful elsewhere in ideal conditions with a stacked talent laden team . A guy who went to another team that was in total rebuild mode with nowhere near the same talent level and failed miserably under not so ideal conditions that he had when hired here in Hamilton . The comparison is simple really , the Argos with Trestman right now are much akin to the sad sack shape that the Cats were in back in 2007 when we hired Taffe to turn things around and rebuild our team back into a contender.

I guess ya didn't read my entire post or perhaps didn't quite comprehend it or maybe you've just chosen to forget all about the hoopla that surrounded the Cats when we signed Charlie Taffe as our HC in 2007. Taffe was supposed to be the magic elixir , the man who was going to solve all our problems and turn our team around and we were all excited when we got him as our new HC . Taffe after all was a very successful HC who won back to back COY awards in '99' and '00' posted back to back regular season W/L records of 12-6 , had back to back 1rst place finishes and a Grey Cup appearance in his 2 years with the Alouettes . Yup , and what did that translate to when he became our HC ? a miserable W/L record of 5 wins and 23 losses in just a little over a season and a half at the helm of a rebuilding team that had nowhere near the talent level that he had at his disposal in Montreal.

Like I said previously I'll reserve and hold judgement on how Trestman will fare with the Argos until further notice . Who knows ? he could prove me wrong and he could very well turn the Argos into an instant powerhouse over night and surprise us all ....OR he might just find out that much like Taffe did here that it's not as easy to make chicken salad when all you have is chicken
to work with.

I totally agree with you, Bobo. Some very good points to consider.

To be fair, as far as Marc Trestman's failure in Chicago is concerned, I will offer two words....Jay Cutler.

Good job, amazing how many players have moved on or are still waiting for new contract?

The depth of this team is already in place as many of the key players and positions are set.

Fantuz will probably get signed closer to the start of the season, really no rush at this point until he gets healthy again and unless he cuts a deal somewhere else as previously mentioned Toronto or maybe back to Regina, will wait and see?


You take great pains to give a "long-winded" quasi-comparison between Marc Trestman and Charlie Taffe. Unfortunately, your dissertation is completely irrelevant.

If and when Trestman ever flops in this league to the same extent as Charlie Taffe, then you can roll out your comparison essay. Until that time, trying to compare the two makes no sense.

Actually when looking at the current Cat roster as it stands right now and breaking it down we still do have a lot of depth at most positions despite the fact that 26 players have departed so far this off season and at the moment the roster is sitting at 60 players (if you include Woods at rb who is currently not officially showing yet)

A quick positional look at the current roster shows that the spots where we are shallow in depth at this time would be of course the already talked about vacant SAM lb , the D-Line and once again much like last year at this team no kicker(s) to speak of at all as of yet.

Here is a quick rundown on positional depth as it stands as of today on our roster :

RB......4 (Woods included - not showing on roster yet )



Just for fun I have done up a mock projected starting line-up using our current roster . Tell me what you think :smiley:
Starting 7 Cdns are shown with an * Personally I think it's a pretty solid looking starting 24 on paper as it stands right now . Hopefully we get Sinkfield back to swap out and replace Collins with and it would look even sweeter :smiley: :thup:

Offense :QB- Z.Collaros / RB- CJ Gable / REC- S.Tasker ,T.Toliver, K.Elliott, B. Tyms , J.Collins / C- M.Filer* / LT - J.Olson / RT - X .Fulton / RG - R . Bomben* / LG - B .Revenberg*

Defense :DE - J. Chick , A.Tracy / DT - T.Laurent* , M. Atkinson* / WILL - S.Lawrence / MIKE - L. Dean/SAM -Et.Davis / CB - C. Stephan* , C. Page / HB - Em. Davis , A. Kanneh / S- C. Butler*

I could see the new D Coordinator choosing to go with a 3-4 defense. Teddy would be a perfect nose guy

Love the lineup Bobo but I would have Spencer Watt in there too. When he was thrown to he was reliable. I expect better things from him this year provided he gets a few balls thrown to him. I would like to see him more involved in the offensive scheme of things.

I like Watt as well but the thing of it is as I explained in another thread is the fact that I feel if we do start Watt this year and he goes down with an injury we really don't have any experience or depth in the other Canadian receivers on the roster behind him that are capable of stepping in and starting in his place. Aprile has proven that he is not capable of being a reliable replacement and Jones and Uren barely saw the field last year . On the other hand last year with Fantuz as well as Watt and to a lesser extent Matt Coates available we had depth and quality Cdns at the wr position. Add in the fact that we also have Butler coming back this year on Defence as one of our 7 Cdn starters and it affords us the luxury and flexibility of switching up our ratio and hopefully utilizing a 5th import at one of the receiving positions this year.

You are spot on (as usual) Bobo :thup:


If Ricky Ray where to go down from an injury who have they got as a solid backup?

8) Drew Willy and Jeff Matthews :lol: :roll:

How could I forget? If I recall Willy is the only potential running threat. If Ray finds his mojo it could be interesting in the east this year.

I think it might be the first time in CFL history that a team has had 3 totally immobile pylons at quarterback on the same roster . None of them are known for their scrambling ability . As for yer post , I hope you don’t mind but I fixed it for ya !! :smiley: I’ll give it to around game 4 or 5 before Ray is once again back on the IL . Heck I wouldn’t even be at all surprised to see Simoni and the boys knock him out in the season opener. :slight_smile:

maybe Tresman is trying to find lightning in a bottle twice assuming all immobile CF QBs can have a career like AC did.

Well unless Trestman has a time machine I'd say his chances of finding lightning in a bottle twice are slim and none and slim left town a long time ago.
I think that Trestman is going to find out rather quickly that a 37 yr old Ricky Ray in 2017 is nowhere near as good as a 37 yr old Anthony Calvillo was back in 2009 .

J'ai l'impression que tout le monde sous-estime Cody Fajardo dans cette équation.

Fajardo est un candidat très intéressant. Il une bonne précision, une relativement bonne mobilité pour un quart-arrière de son gabarit et j'ai trouvé qu'il avait une bonne vision du jeu lors de ses matchs préparatoires l'an dernier, surtout pour un jeune qui n'avait jamais joué chez les professionnels.

Il me semble un outil que Trestman pourrait exploiter. Il sera un peu l'étalon qui permettra de savoir si Trestman est capable de faire progresser un quart au niveau de partant, ou s'il ne peut que travailler avec des partants aguerris. Trestman a eu McPherson, Leak, Santos et Nieswander sous la main à Montréal, et aucun d'entre-eux ne s'est révélé être un bon quart-arrière. Son travail avec Matthews et Fajardo sera intéressant à suivre à ce propos.

BINGO !!! and having a banged up on his last legs Ricky Ray as his starter with a Willy as his backup isn't going to help him much this year. As for Trestman's success the last time he was in the league I will offer up two words....Anthony Calvillo .

Je dirai surtout qu'il doit réaliser pour quelle raison Ray se retrouve aussi amoché à 37 ans. Depuis 2012, la ligne offensive des Argonauts a été vraiment solide une seule année (2014), jusqu'à cette partie fatidique où Ray s'est démoli l'épaule suite à un plaqué de Bowman. Depuis, la ligne offensive des Argonauts est au mieux ordinaire. Quand Trestman est arrivé à Montréal, il avait une ligne offensive composée de Bourke, Lambert, Chiu, Flory et Perrett. C'est une des meilleures lignes offensives qu'on a vues dans la LCF des 15 dernières années. Ajoutez à cette protection Avon Cobourne, et mettez Ben Cahoon, Jamel Richardson, Kerry Watkins et Brian Bratton comme cœur des receveurs, et il y a peu de questions à se poser pour expliquer pourquoi l'attaque de Trestman a fonctionné dès sa première saison.

Dans le cas de Ray, il a pris beaucoup plus de coups sous Bradynovitch que Calvillo sous Trestman. Il a été blessé aux genoux, à l'épaule, à la cheville, à la main, à l'orgueil, etc. Trestman ou pas, il va encore se faire frapper, et on sait que son corps ne peut plus en encaisser beaucoup. Il est probable aussi que psychologiquement, il devienne plus frileux pour les encaisser également, et que les signaux d'alarme s'allument plus vite que par le passé. Ray est à 37 ans en moins bon état que Cavillo ne l'était à 41 ans. À moins de changements extrêmement positifs dans la façon de le protéger, Ray tombera encore cette saison, et ce sera sans doute pour la dernière fois.