25th. July ! Game 5: Edmonton vs Montreal

Jim Popp ?@PoppJim 31m Game day. Think positive. Challenges make you stronger. Team game. The crop got stirred, the cream will rise. Be the cream, be the best!

Als This week


It's Miller's a$$ on the line tonight, at the very minimum. I want to see not only what plays they call, but how he adjusts when Edmonton adjusts to what we're doing. So far, he's been awful at adjustments. If we start the game well but go into our now-usual death spiral for the rest of the game, I don't think Miller will survive the week...

Je veux un massacre par les Alouettes, rien de moins. Un coup de massue qui fera réfléchir leurs prochains adversaires.

On peut toujours rêver...

The worse thing that could happen is a close win because of a couple flukes. That would provide no answers at all.

Exactly. A close win in which the offense proves it can get the job done through four quarters is a positive thing. A fluke win powered mainly by D and special teams, in OUR OWN STADIUM, is unacceptable and should still result in Miller being fired.

L'autre Equipe/Edmonton a également de très bons joueurs et je doute que les Alouettes pourront leur donner une volée. Tout ce qui m'importe est une victoire.Oui,j'espère une amélioration majeure de l'offensive mais mon souhait est une victoire. Si une défaite, les prochaines deux semaines seront difficiles. Je ne veux spéculer sur les changements qui pourraient être apportés.

Bonne chance aux entraîneurs,aux joueurs, à la Direction et,définitivement, aux partisans.


AC's TD pass streak now at 22 games. Woot new personal best.

More stupid penalties. Players don't know where to go, what to do.

C'mon, man!

Our linebackers are great! Emery, Cox, +Hebert are having great games!

Right you are, Niagara. When you combine those 3 great LBs with a great LB coach in Mark Nelson, it's a lethal combination.

Now can someone remind me what we're paying Ejiro Kuale to do ?

Still massive problems to work out. Offense posted 6 field goals, 1 rushing TD, one passing TD. Once again, we could not get the passing game going after Edmonton adjusted. Glad to see Whitaker explode but Miller still insists on calling those long sideline patterns which are not AC's strength. Where is the middle of the field? Still no use of slants off rubs and picks, still no formation trickery. Richardson dropped a catchable TD pass in the endzone.

At what point can we expect this offense to score more than two TDs per game?

Defense was awful in the second half, almost cost us the game. Thorpe is showing his rookie pro DC status. We just let Edmonton slice us up on that final drive in ridiculously short order. We didn't even force them into second down until the goal-line stand. The game should not have come down to the final seconds of the game at home against the Eskimos.

This was an ugly win IMO. If I'm Popp, I still fire Miller heading into the bye week, but what do I know?

And that, sadly, is exactly what we got.

I wanted a blow-out, either way.

Your team is getting better every game.
Now coming back at the end and that great defensive stand.

Kavis Reed really blew it with that challenge of the Whyte punt. Even if he's right, it's not reviewable! That cost him the game, he could have called a time out with 20 secs left at the Als 1 yd. line. If one coach deserves blame, he does.

Pippin played very well tonight.

And Miller used the running game as many have been asking.

Als are progressing.

They are improving but still a long way to go. Hopefully we haven't lost Whitaker with a separated shoulder :x

Oline played great. There isn't another team in the league that could handle losing 3 starting NI offensive linesmen and move the ball like that against a great defensive line.

Hebert 10 Tackles , 2 sacks

Kuale 1 monster play at the goal line

Emry 2 interceptions

Matte: Running game started working when he came in the game

Richardson: Finally decided to fight for his touches , got out of his funk.

Good game called by Miller tonight, he stayed with the run even if it wasn't working early and Hawkins made the right call taking the points at the end of the game and those two seconds probably cost Edmonton one more snap at the end of the game.
Also terrible reffing tonight. Holding Tisdale on McCarthy's touchdown and Laurent had both hands under Whitaker's grill on his fumble, not called. Then they gave us the spot on the two yard line which was absolutely impossible based on the shadow of the ball through the end zone.

So we didn't get all the answers but this is a good win for everybody.

Passing game still a mess and unable to function after the first quarter.

Defense nearly blew it in the second half.

A multitude of field goals, not majors.

Incompetent playcalling on both sides of the ball.

This isn't progress. This is pretty much how we squeaked by Winnipeg in week one. Except this time, we almost dropped our fourth consecutive game ... in front of our fans.

Have no idea how this is progress.

Yes I forgot Pippin. He seems to play his best games when he's looking over his shoulder. 48 yard punting average, outpunted the best in the league tonight...

We were able to run the ball...First time we've been able to do that all season. Game should not have been that close, two non calls gave Edmonton 14 points.

Kuale's goal-line stand would have been more noteworthy if he'd, you know, put any frackin pressure on Edmonton's QB prior to that point in the game. If he could actually play DE, we wouldn't have been in a position where we almost lost the game on the final play.

Richardson dropped a catchable TD pass in the endzone. After season is over, he needs to be reevaluated. I don't think his head is in the game anymore and I'm sick of seeing him unfocused and unproductive.