2500 Posts and Counting

Man Time Flys when your Having Fun.
This is my 2,500 Post on This Version of Ticats.ca

If You count the other two Versions
I should be around 6,000 to 10,000 Total Posts.

I want to thanks the ticats and Bob for this great Vennue for my Thoughts.

good job, i also never realize how many times ive posted, it sure does rack up doesnt it. and its funny cuz ever 1000, or so post half of you admit to not being able to read it anyways, jeez i must b a headache for u oldies. :slight_smile:

god bless

for us young'uns too....

Well when you like a Place ,posting is really not that hard of a job. The Credit Gose to bob and Our Grumpyadmin Ron

For making this a great place to be