25 yard penalty

Interestingly, the legal principle that says you have to “take your victim as you find him” - meaning you are responsible for all damages even if the victim is more susceptible than usual to injury - is also known as the “thin skull rule”.

that’s right.

I can appreciate the frame by frame analysis showing Collaros fully in his slide by the time Lawrence makes his final step into the hit.

But I’ll say again, the decision to lunge into a hit was made half a second earlier when Collaros was still running. The last second lunge which in slow motion and close in looks so incriminating was solely muscle memory. There are limits to human reaction time. Some are better than others in this regard.

The full speed wide angle replay demonstrates this.

It was a mistake. Lawrence will answer for it just as someone driving into a low angle sunlit intersection might fail to see the red light and t-bone crossing traffic.

With all due respect to the injured, the root cause lies deeper than the behaviour of the offender. At this speed in these scenarios I don’t think there’s anything more to do to deter tacklers from doing this aside from outlawing diving hits with opposite direction ball carriers.

Feet on ground… form tackle technique should reduce this kind of thing.

Me thinks that perhaps my old pal "Johnny Ticat Lover"has mistaken Simoni as a repeat offender . I’m thinking that he must’ve got him confused and mixed up with a couple of definitely 100% repeat offenders that made a living at being a pair of dirty ass cheap shot artists in ex-Alouette choirboys name of Kyries and Chip . :stuck_out_tongue:

And the decision is in …Lawrence handed 2-game ban for Collaros hit … strategic … CFLPA appeal likely reduces it to one game.

Supposedly not appealing it either…we shall see

Great explanation and writeup on it by the league

I especially hope that those that were falsely accusing Lawrence of being a repeat offender take heed of point #6 in the leagues explanation of their ruling .


6… We want to stress that this discipline is the result of the player’s action on this play and this play alone . In fact , he has never been previously fined or suspended for dangerous play since joining the league in 2012 .

Like I’ve said previously I don’t condone what Simoni did on that play and have stated that a suspension and fine should be warranted for his actions . My only beef is with the hatchet job and false accusations presented by the TSN panel (especially a certain ex player who is still whining and crying about a clean hit to his thigh that happened 3 years ago) . It’s amazing how many people hear something and before doing some fact checking and research on it on their own just take it as the gospel truth .

We shall see I guess if Simoni does try to appeal it down to a one game . You have to figure that with the inconsistency in the leagues rulings when it comes to disciplinary actions and suspensions that maybe he should have knocked down the official after the play as well . Chances are that he would’ve gotten off scot free and be playing this weekend with a chance at perhaps getting a game saving int in the end zone instead of being punished with a suspension .

2 games, that adds up to about a $15K fine if his contract is around $135K/season

Well he may not have been disciplined or previously fined for other actions he has had some questionable hits on other quarterbacks. Of note the taking out head first of the knees of at the time QB Henry Burris (then an Ottawa Red Black). Like smiling hank stated / brought up on the panel the night of Simoni’s hit on Zac.

Although he may not have had disciplinary action for previous actions, one could argue regarding previous actions, of this particular football player or others.

THAT is exactly the issue that has played ping-pong in this thread … MANY feel that he could have been subject to discipline for some incident(s) in the past but since he was not he die not meet the CFL definition (for discipline purposes) of a repeat offender.

Nah! Kyries Hebert and Chip Cox are not dirty; they are just misunderstood! :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope he does appeal personally. I’d like to see how it goes TBH

lol, that is a terrible opinion. No players association would ever agree to such a silly stipulation. Athletes play this game with the understanding their careers could end at any moment and basing heavy fines on split second decisions by an athlete that punish the entire team (and I’m not even going to discuss the ramifications with regards to the salary cap which almost all teams are at when the season begins) would not fly.

I will chalk this up as a emotional response to one of your own players being injured. Said player was easily susceptible to further concussions based on his past history so it was just a matter of time. Other Qbs and players have bounced back from significantly worse hits than Collaros did last week with no trauma. ie. Reilly.

With all due respect, I believe you need to flush the green out of your eyes?

Burris has been obsessively playing his Trumpian card to one and all, irresponsible on a nation-wide pulpit, repeating the same “lie? over and over again until (he thinks or hopes) it sounds like the truth, despite video evidence to the contrary.

Lawrence clearly made contact with Whining Hanks thigh, NOT knee. Burris rolling to his right, a diving tackle was the only chance Simoni had to try and stop Burris from making a play/pass. Because Burris was moving away from the tackle, a stationary Burris would probably have been hit around waist level instead of on the thigh.

Lawrence plays with a lot of passion, energy and enthusiasm and though the hit was illegal, it’s not in his character to deliberately attempt to injury, unlike some other players in the League. I believe his enthusiasm and emotional high got the better of him and overpowered his better judgment. Not an excuse, just a possible reason for his out-of-character play.

Agreed, Zach sustained a concussion on a play that would have unlikely resulted in one to another player who had little or no history of such head trauma. A certain fanbase chooses to ignore this focusing their attention on a single scapegoat.

Get real, man. That was a heavy and direct blow to the head that could have knocked out anyone. Don’t be stupid.

  1. Simoni hit Burris above the knee. With his shoulder.

  2. Whether he hit him above or below the knees is irrelevant. From the rulebook, Rule 7, section 2, article 4"© All rushing defenders must attempt to avoid forcibly hitting a passer in the pocket, at or below the knees, either if their path to the passer was unrestricted, or if they are coming off a blocker" Burris left the pocket.

To the guy who posted the frame-by-frame, and to anyone else, who concluded based on that, that Simoni had ample to time to stop, pull out or adjust- have you ever played a contact sport? There is a delay, meaning what happened in the single frame you’re looking at, was decided a few frames before that. And muscle memory means that he isn’t thinking “okay, step, crouch down, aim shoulders, leg drive off the ground…” That’s not how that works. Your brain just goes “launch” and your body does the rest.

Go watch that at full speed again, the wide angle that actually shows his whole approach. It’s my opinion that he came in with a fast, low, good tackle - that ended up hitting someone in the head. Nothing dirty, no targeting. But, as the tackler, it is his responsibility to not do that, therefore he was (fairly) penalized, and (somewhat fairly) suspended. I think 2 games is a bit harsh, and if he appealed it down to 1 I’d say that’s fair. If he doesn’t appeal, IMO it’s only because of his relationship with Zach, and he would appeal if it were any other player involved.

Bigger picture… I’d be curious to see a CFL game played with rugby tackle rules. Primarily being, illegal to leave your feet, and you must wrap the arms. Inches matter in football where you have to make a certain distance, and the initial stopping power matters in preventing those last few inches being gained, but I would interested to see what happens. More first downs perhaps?


Full speed, wide shot = the truth. Reaction time delay is scientifically sound. If one were trying this in court for assault it would be NOT GUILTY. And if they’re looking for real solutions to prevent this from happening again, increased fines and suspensions are going to have marginal effect given the speed of the game and the limitations of reaction times. There will be more hits like this coming from otherwise “clean”, “honourable” players.

I think equipment and as you mentioned permitted tackling techniques might be what they have to explore if they want to significantly reduce head injuries.

Yes. He had time. We see this situation multiple times per week…pretty much always avoided or contact harshness minimized. Have you played contact sports? If so…you should understand he had time to make an effort as opposed to rolling his shoulder INTO the contact…but don’t take the word of people here…read some of the several players take on it. Reilly was a good one, and Singleton feels he should be gone for the season. Have guys like that been around long enough to be credible? IMO the active players of a league a generally are a good sounding board…they seem to disagree with you…so do analysts and reporters…so does the league…supposedly the player isn’t appealing. You might…maybe…possibly…be wrong on this one


Tackling coach rotations should be mandatory…but pretty tough to ask players to work on that technique when they are not allowed to wear pads in practice.

But honestly…SL is just lucky he never got another game for smashing Powell in the back of the head when he was very clearly down.

You are welcome to prove it. Reilly and others have sustained far worse hits and have not suffered the consequences. Zach at this point is susceptible to a concussion from even moderate hits. He needs to quit.