25 yard penalty

Lawrences hit on Collaros needs a stonger sanction than a 25 yard penalty. It was obviously a dirty hit intended to take Callaros out of the game. He should be suspended for several games and should it happen again he should be banned from the league. Either we want to stop this sort of thing or we don’t!
I have faith that our new commissioner will act firmly.

My guess 1 maybe 2 games, but likely 1 game. Although he is a repeat offender.

Vicious hit … A “Grade 2” needs to be 25 plus expulsion … per current rules he only gets tossed after he takes out the next Riders QB (or any other RR) … come playoff time losing a defender after they take out two QBs might be “worth it” for an unscrupulous" defender/DC.

Blatant intent to injure by Simoni Lawrence tonight on Collaros. Then late in the 1st quarter (about 2:50 left) headshot to the back of Powell’s head.

Does the commish believe in protecting players? I have serious doubts.

Dirty hit. Should get suspended for 2-3 games. Something that blatant when a qb gives himself up should have been auto ejection as well.

We can blame the league or the commish, but its the players that attempt to injure their association brothers. When will the union fight for the injured players they are supposed to represent as well, instead of trying to get players off when they break the rules. I believe Colarros probably pays the same union dues as lawrence.

However, as we saw with Rose once you appeal, nothing will likely happen.

Dirty hit all the way, no need for that and I think he’ll get at least a game. Good on the refs to do a 25 yarder.

Yes, the union plays a big part in this. However, the commish needs to come out with a strong statement, but that is not in Ambrosie’s nature.

(I doubt if this message will make it past the censors) And give me a reason why.

Refs should have ejected him immediately.

Why bother? The PA will just go to bat for him and appeal and Simoni will just have to write 100 lines.


Like any union…you fight for those who ask you to. That’s kinda the point. Unfortunate…but reality

I put a lot of this on unpadded practices. I don’t understand how a defender is supposed to hone reacting by practicing touch football all week. Not the only factor…but a huge one.

It was a dirty hit! Should get a suspension.

No question that was head hunting. But one still has to ask can Collaros play this game anymore? I figured he was finished two years ago. Riders season is at minimum damaged and the season opener wasn’t even played yet.

If its a concussion with all the protocols in place how does he ?

One thing is for sure … this is not about being fragile … any QB taking 3 consecutive head shots ( his last 3 games played ) would be gone as well. I think zak should pass the riegns and get out while he still has his health.

As for the hit … clearly the commissioner has not been successful in dealing with it. With 3 consecutive games for the same player … ending in illegal head shots… it’s clear players either aren’t getting the message or are ignoring it.

The hit was bs and was an attempt to injure. Lawrence should face a lengthy suspension. It’s the only way to rid the league of that nonsense.

Ambrosie will likely have a kindly sideline interview with Lawrence like he had last year with Odell Willis after he pasted Collaros at the end of the regular season. Ambrosie disgusts me.

I don’t think Simoni is a dirty player, but actions have consequences, should miss at least 1 game. Collaros will probably be out at least 1 game, probably more.

That does not exist in the CFL. The Commish is powerless, unfortunately.

I have to disagree.

We can watch this play at full speed with a wide angle showing Lawrence’s and Collaros’ respective approaches to the point of contact. Collaros commits to sliding at the same instant Lawrence commits to tackling. Human reaction times, even for pro athletes take fractions of a second at a minimum.

If we freeze the frame at the time each player commits to their respective action, the choice to do so was made fractions of a second earlier when Collaros was still running upright. There was no turning back. There was no intent to injure.

Contact was made to a QB’s head in a vulnerable position. There is a 25 yard penalty for that irrespective of intent to injure and that was levied appropriately. Suspensions and whatnot would be excessive.

Lawrence does not have a history of dirty play despite what Henry Burris claims. On that note, Henry Burris is the sorest winner I have ever seen. He still has a chip on his shoulder against Hamilton for their release of him prior to the 2014 season. Hindsight is 20/20, Burris won a title with Ottawa in 2016 and Hamilton is still without a cup since 1999. The choice to go with Collaros in 2014 was sound with Hamilton making it to the Grey Cup that year and laying waste to the entire league before Collaros’ knee injury in 2015. One lowish tackle on Burris from Lawrence and Burris has never let it go. Its not professional of him as a broadcaster to use one personal anecdote to make such broad a claim as “There’s no place in the CFL for players like Simoni Lawrence.”

Lawrence’s comments and apology post game as a former teammate of Collaros were absolutely sincere. There was no intent to injure in the first place and he still apologized for the outcome. That’s stand up character.