-25% off thanks Bob!

"His" team? Hmmmm, last time I checked I think it was "our" team, Hamilton's team in the CFL? But if fewer and fewer people in this area care to make it "our" team in their hearts with their wallets, there won't be an "our" team much longer I say.

If "our" team continues the fiasco of the past 4 seasons, fans who have already
abandoned "our" team and "others," may not give a damn.

Some of you people are unreal.

Blasting a guy that SAVED YOUR TEAM FROM THE BRINK OF DEATH a few years ago.

He was the "white knight", and now he's not good enough too LOSE money every year, just to keep YOUR hometown football team afloat. Bob is your LAST chance, if he can't make it work, no one can.

Do some of you people think Bob goes into his pre-season meetings and says "I want too lose, and I want too lose big..."

Support your team, or get Lonie Glieberman as your owner...

and to think these same people helped vote in the govt :twisted:

Not Hamiltonians.... most of them voted NDP... an orange spec in the blue known as Ontario. Another smart move by Hamiltonians.... :roll:

8) Exactly right Crash !! Then those same people wonder why Hamilton never gets anything !!!! :roll:

Incentive laden contract? That sounds like he doesn't really want to play, but if we pay him more, he will? How does paying someone to not get injured work ? ----- " OK, Jesse, we will give you $10K for every game you are not injured". Or do you mean so much money for so much production, i.e. $100.00 for every yard = $200 K for a 2,000 yard season?
I don't like the idea of performance clauses - puts too much onus on the individual to boost his stats; the only performance clause/bonus I would have is every player on the team gets $X bonus if we get 3rd place, $XX if we get second place, $XXX if we get 1st place/or play in Grey Cup, $XXXXX if we win GC.
Printers - I would keep him until deadline for paying veterans next year - if he has won starting job we keep him, if not we trade/cut him.
I look at this all just like insurance, from the insurance company's end - pay into it long enough and we will eventually win/not pay out as much to the insuree. The only way to beat life insurance companies is to die before you have paid them as much as they will pay out to your estate. :slight_smile:

Bob raising the price of tickets a nickel would be suicide…and I think he knows it.

The 25% price cut was a way to attract fair weather fans to sign up for '08…after several dismal seasons.

For him to raise the prices would be a slap to those who signed up with the discount as the “added bonus” or insurance that comes with fielding another non-playoff team. Bob didn’t have to do it…he chose to.

So now…he’ll suck it up and live by his word. I’m sure of that.

Is this Team Really Worth 1 more Dollar more Next year.
No not a this time .
If they put it up 1 Dollar more people will Bail

Good. Means I can finally upgrade my seats. Too many 10 year plus season ticket holders hogging all the good seats...

There are no bad Seats at IWS