-25% off thanks Bob!

Time to talk to the right people on how turn your franchise around :thdn: :rockin: :roll:

CHA CHING $$$$$$

Glad to see you are so happy about another bad year!

Yes, but this is another situation where you have to spend money to save money. Even with a 25% discount I think that at this point, there will be another 1500-2500 less seasons ticket holders.

I have only been to two or three games so far this year, since it got so very quickly to the point "would I rather be up North or watch the Cats get pasted". Up North won out every time.

The Cats have been better this year than the last couple of years and I do think that they will improve even more next year. The question will be by HOW MUCH. For the first time I am questioning whether or not I will renew. $5-10 to a scalper after the game has started gets you a ticket, sad to say. Problem is, if they start winning I'll never get my seat location back since it is seat 1&2, right beside a section where the tickets are double the cost. Time will tell whether I save 25% or 100%. I'll be looking for something interesting to happen during the off season to sway me.

After another injury I am even at the point where Lumsden can go. Per minute actually played he is making way to much. An incentive laden contact is what he should be offered. Printers as well. Lets spend the extra money on a O-Line and D-Line. Printers might even be willing to make less if it means he isn't looking up at the sky so much :>))) The O-&D-Lines can make or break a team which is why most of us aren't surprised the QB's and running backs are getting injured so much. Maybe we can get back to where we were in the late 90's and early 00's where we led the league in FEWEST sacks allowed and could actually get consistant pressure on the opposing QB. Time will tell in our 6th year of our 5 year plan.

May the force be with us (We need it)

1st off I am not happy the didn’t make the playoffs
But Glad I Had Insurance and next year ticket will be Cheeper.

Well Tom the 25% off will be nice it should cover the increase in ticket prices. Its just that the subject line of the thread can be taken in different ways. Happy we didnt make the playoffs, Bobs going to lose some doe! Or maybe just plain old sarcasm. Ill take it you intended to be sacrcastic.
This was my son`s first seaon as a season ticket holder he is 12. He really likes the team and wants to come back next year. So I really hope that we have a big turnaround or at least have some competative play. I really think if we shore up the lines and get a better pass rush, we will go a long way.


You should be able to get Detroit Lions tickets cheap next year too.

They are even worse off than the Cats.

Wish we had of made the playoffs but the 25 percent reduction for next year is an excellent consolation "prize". Don't get me wrong, I want us to make the playoffs every year but I do find it easier, gut wise, watching other teams duke it out since I don't have quite the emotions on the line as if it were my team.

I'll probably use my discount on additional seats or swag, but would have preferred to pay full price and made the play-offs.

I been to 2 Games already Greenbay and Chicago
Going to Buffalo ON Nov 2nd
To Watch the Jets and Bills.
I like Watching Old Man Farve

Nov 27 I have a Ticket to Lions Titans Thanksgiving Game.

I don't you see one .
It would marketing Nightmare for the Team
How Can the Team Justify another Price Hike ?

They held the line on price hikes for three years. We were hit hard last year but inorder to lure so decent help here the money has to come from someplace. That someplace is you, and me.

The key questions is 25% off what? I am positive that the prices will go up.

To tell you the truth, I am not that frustrated with the team. Sure our dline and olines completely suck but we have a core group of players here who we can build off of.

I don't understand the frustration, honestly. Everyone on here said that they don't care if the tabbies lose, as long as we are competitive.

We have been competitive the whole season except for 4 games! We are headed in the right direction and I'll gladly return next year to save some bucks off my tickets!

And really, for yesterday's game, did anyone really expect that the much stronger Als team wouldn't rebound hugely after a loss the week before, in a year when they are hosting the GC? They absolutely had to and have the firepower to do exactly what they should have done, and did.

While I DO see improvement this year, and agree we have been in most games, it is more than 4 that we were not in.

We were blown out by Montreal twice (the first game where everyone said we should win because of a new coach, injuries etc) and yesterday. We also got blown out by BC twice. And Calgary once. A few other games, the score made it look better than it was (the third Mtl game, one of the Winnipeg games).

Further, one of the most boring games of football I have ever had the displeasure to watch was the home game against Edmonton. Sure, we were in that one, but we had no right to be. We stunk in that game. If it wasnt for Ray having an off night, that would have been a blowout.

Not trying to dump on them. Like I said, there were loses this year that, while not happy with them, I was at least content that they fought hard and I was entertained. But there were plenty of stinkers...some of them when we were in them.

All in all, I'm ok with the season. Right now, we are in some games and we even win a couple. But when we get blown out, boy is it embarrassing. Hopefully next year, we'll win more of the games we are in, and not be blown out.

Our caretaker is a shrewd business man. By now we all know that he isn't in this game to take a financial loss. Pardon my paranoia, but I can't help thinking that Bob will find a way of offsetting the expense of giving season ticket subscriber 25% off on next year's subscriptions.

Maybe he'll designate a couple more sections in IWS with huge price increases as he did this year in Secs 8 and 26, or perhaps he'll designate an overall price increase to offset his expenses.

He is only committed to giving the 25% off on his sales of 2009 tickets, but what are the prices of these tickets?

While his offer appears bold and generous, none of us truly know how or if he'll get around the fact that he will take a financial beating next season unless he makes a move to help offset this.

Just thinking out loud here.

Don't push the envelope too much fans ... Bob isn't obligated to remain "Caretaker".

No hes not, But the same could be said about the smart fans about supporting "his" team!

Bobs a smart guy. things cant be that bad financially for him. after all he just bought a soccer team.http://www.carolinarailhawks.com/index. ... Itemid=141

why do I keep hearing Burton singing ...sad state of affairs....sigh