25 in 56

" … It marks the 56th time since 1956 a CFL team has changed coaching during the season. Those teams have gone on to win 25 times immediately following the change. … " http://blogs.montrealgazette.com/2013/08/08/alouettes-notebook-57/

This factoid from yesterday's Als Notebook surprised me. Less than 50% of the time does a CFL team react to a coaching change with a win. It would be interesting if it was possible to get some details of how badly the 31 teams lost.

The purpose of this thread is merely to provide information and address the assumption that many (including me) have/had the coaching changes usually prompt at least a one game spark. The Als still played poorly (to be polite) and have issues to correct (d'uh).

The teams that change coaches mid season are almost universally bad, which means their winning percentages are poor to begin with (changing coaches mid season is really rare for winning teams). So that stat in isolation means nothing. Is that an improvement over their normal record? Were the games closer?

I don't expect bad teams to beat good teams simply due to the spark from a coaching change. I do expect them to compete, and what we saw last night was abnormally pathetic. The only reason it wasn't a complete blowout is because the Argos let up and had Collaros in to protect Ray from further injury.

AC can still throw and, with no seconder stringer ready, will remain with the team and, will likely get a few wins this season. We have Messam and Whitaker and, should they remain healthy, a solid ground attack will ease some of the pressure off AC.