Decent crowd.

On the fifth quarter, Scott Mitchell was pleased that it was their largest walk up crowd in years (I think he said 6 or 7 years IIRC)

Battle for first place next week against AC and the Als. I'm really curious to see what the attendance will be, considering it's the 2nd of a back to back home game stand.

I'll be there!

It must have been a big walk up, when I checked the seats available in the morning there was a lot of seats available.
But at the home opener there was a a very small walk up with about 4,000 seats available in the morning.
Looks like the Family Zone doesn't sell to well. I still say they should set up a "rowdy zone" where you have to be over 19, can drink as much as you want, curse and swear and act like an idiot.
Mitchell must have been relieved with the win on Saturday, a loss would have put a big strain on ticket sales.

Yeah it looked like a good crowd to us too. There weren't a lot of wide open sections like there have been.

I hope this week isn't the same kind of game or I might just have a heart attack lol.

:thup: :thup:

Great idea! Cage them off, keep them physically separated just like you would a real live Tiger . Call it the Tiger's lair.

Electrify the fence and have several police armed with tasers standing by.

Man, that's a fun, but scary, thought.

I noticed this watching on TV. Normally I can see bare spots in the corners of many sections, but I didn't notice any of that until towards the end when fans started leaving the game early.

I hope this week isn't the same kind of game or I might just have a heart attack lol.
Bad for the heart, but probably good for TV ratings! Take one for the team! :lol:

Banshee wrote:

"I hope this week isn't the same kind of game or I might just have a heart attack lol."

Banshee, to be honest, there were times during the last game when I had to walk away from it, leave the room even, because the tension was getting to me. I have never done that before, not even during the playoffs last season.

I see so much in this team now. The potential is so great. It's hard to watch any downside for me.

They have the Als in town this weekend. Oh my!!!

I may need to have my cardiologist with me at gametime to survive this one!!!!!

I hear you!!

My boyfriend thinks it is funny that at certain points during the game I look away or cover my eyes because it get to be too much for me. My ulcer can't take it.

Hopefully they will have a bigger crowd on Saturday. Still lots of tickets available so hopefully there will be a big "walk-down"
crowd. I plan to be in the city and going to the game. Can't beat that Scotia card deal.

I think in years past when there wasn't the suburbs as much and more Hamiltonians, guessing, made their way to various parts of a smaller city, again guessing, not spending as much time inside their comfy air conditioned houses, that there would have been people milling about a busier IWS area, shops not closed as we see now, more people ok with taking buses etc. I don't know. I do hope that the new stadium and district is a small step towards making the area something like it used to be say in the 50's and 60's.

what does the Scotiacard deal offer mike?

and is this for a debit or credit Scotiacard?


It's 50% off Bronze tickets when you pay with your Scotia Debit or Credit card and you must purchase only at the Ticat box office. Not on ticketmaster etc and you get to show your card and go through a separate entrance with a red carpet.


great deal.
thanks mike. :thup:

Any idea how much the walkout actually was?
I sit in section 30-28, top row, and there are literally hundreds of seats in front of me open.