24 163 - official attendance.

I am not sure if that number reflects on the actual number of people in the stands sitting in the rain.

But, hats off to ticat fans who are willing to watch this team even when it's raining.

As an aside I kind of felt sorry for the juniour cheerleaders that had to stand out in the rain for so long.

But anyway, I still had a good time tonight at IWS.

Your spirit is commendable. To think i had the gull to complain about the TSN coverage and announcers in the warmth and dry of my home. Way to go sport

24163 sorry but I was there,and there was not that many people there
maybe 21500 tops

I could be wrong but I think last night was the first time it has rained for a Hamilton game since Bob Young bought the team.
Maybe a good omen the luck is changing.

Padding the attendance numbers---I'm in a group of eight regular season ticket holders, and I don't think anyone from our group made the game last night, and we may all be done for the year. The product better seriously improve before the spring or there will be some good seats up for grabs in box'G'.

I'm sure there were many season ticket holders who stayed home to watch this one. When they panned the crowd , it did not look like 21000. It looked like the the pre Young era of 15000. Numbers must have beeen padded

I wish I would Stay Home ..
No Effort at all from our Offence.
IMO We all Got Wet For Nothing..

Alt least The Mac Game will be Entertaining

I think thats a bit harsh guys...

You all asked for EFFORT... It was 14-7 in the 3rd quarter against perhaps the best team in the CFL. We did get the effort we asked for but BC is a better team. They didnt blow us out, we were 1 or 2 plays (or bad calls) away from it being a much closer... we were missing Holmes, Flick, Cheatwood and lost Sam Young early...

Please quit your complaining.

I agree with Crash - for three quarters the game was close. The TD drive after half-time gave us something to hope for.

I would also like to thank the Poncho Makers of the World for keeping me dry for three hours, and the Liquor Distillers of the World for their warm thoughts after the game.

I agree with Crash - for three quarters the game was close. The TD drive after half-time gave us something to hope for.
I agree ... and the STUPID ref calls (like the completely missed pass interference in the endzone for us) and the rain were definitely a problem for our guys. Jesse would have had a TD if he hadn't slipped on the wet turf. In a drier game we would have had at least 22 IMHO.

We stayed until 5 mins to go when my DH and DS were complaining about being frozen solid ... I OTOH would have stayed right on through.

I agree that the defence played a heck of a game for 3 quarters. Since the offence gave them ZERO rest it was inevitable that they'd tire late in the game. Same old same old.

21,000 nope, not even close. I'd say 16,000 to maybe 18,000 at the start of the game. It was great having the leg room back. And by the end of the 3rd qtr. I'd say about 10,000.

Bring on the Bombers, Kick the cat when it down.

Darling Husband and I went - it was Hall of Fame day. The rain made it feel uncomfortable, but hey - out of respect for those GREAT players going into the Hall, we had to be there for that... couldn't miss their half time moments. For us, hearing them talk and seeing them - being at the same stadium with them was an honour. A little rain didn't ruin it... nor did the disgusting reffing during the game.

A cool rainy game do is always better than a cold day in Hell ! :twisted:

Just taking a guess, the numbers are probably the number of seats sold whether they were used or not.

Wrong - I'll take a cold day in hell, anytime. Do you know how HOT it gets in Hell?

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

Froggie is correct. It's the total paid attendance.

hmmmmmm… what is the weather like in toronto today?

Actually, I believe that it's the total number of tickets distributed... that would include freebies. I'm not sure if freebies that aren't used are included in the total but I think that's the case.

Titan are you not a fan?