24,000 tix are sold for thursdays game it very well could be a sell out.

24k? That's awesome!

It's about time. FC stadium is actually pretty darn loud when it gets full.

I hope the gades win, and Montreal loses. A 4-point cushion on second place would go a long way to help Ott make the playoffs and maybe, just maybe...STEAL A HOME PLAYOFF DATE!

Hey jaydog, where did you get the info? That's awesome news!

I can't be there, but I have a buddy taking my tickets. I'll be watching from my new place here in southern Ontario. Hope to make it home for the next game, though.

Go Gades! Go Gades fans!!!

Good to hear gades fans...I'll be watching from my big fat couch and putting a hex on Da Riders...!!

What he said ... (SectionT). This is great news! Go Gades! Riders suck!

Ya kick some butt!

That's awesome news, whoever said that when FCS is loud when full is right, it's loud when there is only 17,000. Either way, everyone should tell a couple of their friends to check out the game tomorrow, let's try to get a sell out or at least come close. The weather is supposed to be perfect tomorrow, sunny and a high of 27, perfect night for football.

Keep in mind this is the green and white coming to town. I wouldn't be surprised to see at least half of those tickets sold to Rider fans.

As of now very few tickets have been sold to out of towners.

I too am out of town, 7 hours north west of Quebec City... In Chibougamau...

I've brought my satellite dish and have TSN ready and you know... I'll be dialed up and on this fourm...

My son has my tickets so he and his buddy better have their asses in my seats...


Hmmm, Lonie says he expects between 20 and 22,000 tonight....


Lonie is refering to paid to tickets as of now.The reason gave out 2400 tickets to people who could not afford to go.

So, does the 20,600 include those extra 2400 tickets you're speaking about about or are they extra? Please confirm for us.

Way to go 'Gades! D created key turnovers and the offense did just enough to get the job done. I wasn't able to see it live on TV, and I just finished watching the tape (I know, pretty lame...). Pretty stressful last 3 minutes. Gotta love it!

5-3 and in first place. Wow, that sounds really freaking good!

Well, I guess jaydog was totally full of it.

the gades did have a home playoff date last year, but they didn't even make the playoffs. instead you got to see toronto and BC (I'm referring to the greycup for those roughrider hillbillies who don't understand)

Read in the paper the other day that they have already sold 16,000 tickets for the Sept 8 game against BC. It said that group sales are starting to pick up and that's a great sign. Come September and October, Frank Clair is going to be the place to be on game nights.

after all the poor seasons of past i think the ottawa fan base has shrunk considerably. i hope they do get the fans back. might be hard after you lose in winnipeg this friday(fingers crossed)