24,000 fans a game just isn't good enough!

I have been one of the toughest fans on the Bombers front office. I have said alot of bad things about Bauer & Taman. All I know is I now have had second thoughts. Since Lyle has joined the Bombers office he has added a new life to the Bombers. A life we havn't seen since the great Cal Murphy. I mean could anything be worse then Jeff Reinbold?

The fact is it wasn't to long ago that our Bombers were a play off team and a Grey Cup Contender. In fact they were the best damn team in the league.
However the team had a few set backs (losing the Grey Cup) a golfing QB, Good tallent leaving south. Now we have the 2005 Bombers. A team that is facing all odds and tring there hardest to bring back winning football to the Peg, to Manitoba. I read a article in the paper about how the team is in a position were once again we will lose money. Bauer has said the reality is the Grey Cup is comming in 2006 and that the team was tring to save money to make a move to better the club for a Grey Cup run here in the Peg. Bauer was quoted in the Winnipeg sun saying " As we told you back in april, the Bombers must be dept-free before they have access to their rainy day fund, which is approaching $1 Million. The plan is to use some of that money to ensure they'll field a Grey Cup contender next year, when the big game is in Winnipeg". He went on to say " Not only are we trying to improve our football team from last year, we're trying to get it situated for 2006, which we all know is a very important year".
Can we count on that Mr. Bauer. I have decided to buy two extra tickets to the rest of our home games. I reach out to the rest of you Bomber fans. Let's jump back on the band wagon. Let's sell out for the rest of the year. Let's make this team some money. After it's all said and done, then it's up to Bauer to keep his end of the deal. Let's do it. Spend your cash on the Blue people and it could be an investment we can all be proud of.

I trust you Lyle, don't screw us if we pull through.......

If we can keep on having socials like this friday, you won't need to buy two extra tickets. . .

If the Bombers keep working hard on the field, the peg will deliver the fan base we need, money making idea's are a huge factor to the sucess of our franchise, but saving dollars on talent, could be very costly on any year to come. If we were in the Tabbie's shoes right now, 19 to 23000 fans is all we can expect leading into the later part of the season..lucky for us this season we found some diamonds in the rough...

We need to get more butts in those seats. there's a big chunk of change in our rainy day fund but we need to pay off debt first . just amagine the players we could get for the 1miliion in the fund. thats like 7 top players

Tanks got it right, if good things are happening on the field, then the butts will be in the seats.

The people need to be behind the team whether they win or lose. Even if I don't like the players too much...or the coach I'll still be a Bomber fan. This city needs to start rallying behind the Bombers but not just only when they win.

And what about the funds from the wristbands? Some of it goes to the bombers right? They sold almost 20,000 of em I heard

That’s what I’m Talking About… Let’s sell out Banjo Bowl… Down with the Riders…

we can take the riders and i think theres a possiblity of a sell out if winnipeg wins tonight and sask loses

I hope so, cause at the Banjo Bowl I'm wearing some classic Blue And Gold face paint and screaming my lungs out.