I ran across this on YouTube. A college football game between Georgia Tech and Cumberland in 1916, where Georgia Tech won 222-0.

More info on the game here:

That can’t be right . . . the Argos have never played out of Cumberland. :-\

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no but, Cumberland is presently playing out of Toronto

Both Cumberland University and the football team still exist. I guess their spirit wasn’t completely broken in 1916.


Jon Bois has the greatest sports videos. You should watch all his videos in his series Pretty Good and Chart Party

The game was a lot closer than that score indicates. The score was 77-0 at the half, but then Georgia Tech blew it wide open

Actually, it was 126-0 at the half, but yeah, I thought Cumberland really had a shot for a comeback. :slight_smile:

I found a great article about this game, where it mentions that a week before the Georgia Tech game Cumberland had played an exhibition game against Sewanee, and lost 107-0. A slap on the hand compared to the drubbing they took against GT.

I’m not really sure what it is, but this game fascinates me. Even arena league football, which is known for high scores, never produces anything even close to this. The sport back then obviously lacked the parity it has now.

Here’s the article I found:

I totally missed this post. Yes he does make amazing videos. The production quality is always amazing. This type of content makes me love sports even more.

This one is my personal favourite:

any of y’all ever read 17776?

My favourite Bois video is the punting video

They did it without throwing a single forward pass.

Yep. That’s the one aspect of the game that Cumberland led in. Passing. They had a whopping 14 yards passing. HAHA

That was a freaking great story about Lonnie Smith .

Love that type of sports story ,

Thanks for sharing .

I’m glad you enjoyed it, Hank01!

They boasted quite the aerial attack