22 will be insurance rather than sell it

In another thread recently there was some speculation, including my own, that Avon Cobourne might be released by the Cats before the 2nd half of the season to avoid having to pay his full contract if released later than that.

However, after some reading, I've discovered that the deadline for such a move has now passed for players, such as him, who qualify as 6-year veterans. Copied from the CBA which covers the 2010 through 2013 seasons:

Section 15.01 Player Qualified as a Veteran for Six Years or More
It is mutually agreed that in the event a Player has qualified as a veteran for six or
more seasons including the season in which he is playing, and in the event that the said Player is
released after the date of the 9th regular season game played by the Member Club, the said Player
shall receive compensation equivalent to 100% of the amount of compensation (including all
pension benefits and other benefits provided for in the C.F.L. Standard Player Contract and this
Agreement) to which the Player would have been entitled had he remained on a Players Roster of
the Member Club for the remainder of the regular season games, playoff games and Grey Cup
Game of the Member Club during the season in which he was released in accordance with the
terms of the C.F.L. Standard Player Contract that was in existence between the said Player and
the Member Club prior to the Player being released.

8) Yep, the deadline has now passed !! Of course they can still cut Avon, but they have to pay him everything that
   the CBA says he is now entitled to for the balance of the season !!

   Pretty expensive insurance policy ($150,000) for a guy that might not even play another game this year !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   A good deal for Avon though !!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

With Walker being injured in the LDC we'll probably be seeing Cobourne back in the line-up this Saturday. It's still a complete joke that Cortez won't put Cobourne and Walker on the same game-day roster. The excuse that the back-up running back has to return kicks is weak. Somebody please tell me why Cobourne can't return kicks just as Brandon Rutley is doing now?

8) Knowing Cortez, it would be my guess that Rutley will be the starting RB on Sat. if Walker can't go !!
   Since Rutley does return kickoffs, I would imagine that Avon will be dressed as the back up.

   As you said mightypope, why can't Avon return kicks, when Chevon is playing ??

    It's a mystery to me also.

Another possibility is the 'we don't want him, but you can't have him' thought process. AC can't score against us if he is sitting on our reserve list.

I agree with everyone here - he should be in every game, maybe not every play, but every game for 10 - 20 touches


No, it’s you that doesn’t “get it”. Cortez has stated that for a back-up RB to dress, then he must play special teams. So if Cobourne doesn’t play special teams, whether Williams returns kicks or not, then he’s not dressing. On another note, if you quote me and then scream back in your reply, well then, you can expect a non-friendly response. Get it?

No, its you who doesn't "get it".
Follow along.....they don't need to have the back up RB return kicks.....get it?
And....you can disagree all you want, but you had no reason and were not within the guidelines of this board to call me or anyone else stupid because you weren't able to follow the logic. You initiated it without provocation.

Just to make it "mighty" clear ... I started this thread not to discuss how to get Cobourne back into the line-up, but rather to point out my surprise in learning that the deadline to release him, without future financial obligations, had passed. I was expecting the team to set him free this week, before what I mistakenly thought was that deadline, and use the money, going to him as only insurance, to get help in areas where it's needed.

Well, you did say in the thread you started on this topic that you weren't going to be convinced by any arguments. Guess you were right about that.

Face it. The coaches are not going to put Williams, a 155 lb player who happens to have provided over a third of our TDs this year, on kickoff returns against 11 heat-seeking missiles whose only job is to seek out and destroy the kick returner.


Wow. How rude and abusive.

I am simply suggesting that Williams returns some kicks, like EVERY OTHER KICK RETURNER in the league. Crazy.

The cheap shots and rude comments are totally off base, uncalled for, and cowardly on a forum like this. Disagree if you want, but show some respect for each other.

TommyBoy,ask a simple question,get beat up.thats been the way here for quite a while.
A good debate is hard to come by here. if you dont agree with an opinion you get attacked.
Many a good poster has left these forums for that very reason. a minority of experts remain and take the fun out of a good debate. I will also report the abuse youve just taken. Definate forum guideline violation.

Thanks....I stated my opinion with expectations that it would be refuted by some and supported by others? Fair enough, that's what these boards are about, but done respectfully.