22,000 sold for sunday

Just heard on cknw 22,000 sold for sunday they are hoping for a sellout but i do not think so if it is nice 24,000 if it is raining 22,000
it is only exhibition.

I knew regular season would be a hit but wasn't expecting exhibition too! Good news indeed.

Even if it Rains....The crowd will be at LEAST 25,000.

If it is Sunny.......A SELLOUT for sure!

GREAT NEWS!!! Roar you Lions Roar!

People want football OUTSIDE where it belongs. GO LIONS

Until it rains.

To paraphrase the late Bob Ackles - BC Lions fans are liars when they say the want outdoor football.

thats some paraphrasing

Just read in the province they are realistically expecting 25,000 today, will be the on of the biggest exhibition crowds in the last 10 years.

Wow, you're right,

2009: 23,217
2008: 26,242
2007: 25,320
2006: 23,154
2005: 23,753
2004: 11,874
2003: 12,319
2002: 9,544
2001: 9,273
2000: 11,103

I thought that the Lions had been doing better than that, but I guess 25,000 would actually be really good.