2102 draft pick NI OT Billy Peach flies under radar

Early December the Stamps added another top OLine prospect with ability to play OT. Billy Peach sat out the 2012 season at Jacksonville University but not before a 2011 season that saw him start every game at RT except one at LT. add that to jMichael Deane a 2010 draft pick who played RT his senior year at Mich ST and showed those skills in quite a few games this past season before moving back to RG. Spencer Wilson of the Junior Calgary Colts was also on the roster this season and more than held his on at LT when called upon.

[url=http://www.stampeders.com/article/2012-draft-pick-peach-signs]http://www.stampeders.com/article/2012- ... each-signs[/url]

Hufnagel continues to add a strong Canadian content to the stamps, in this case some versitile NI OLineman with the ability to play Right and maybe left tackle in the future.
Add a John Gott at center along with all star RG Tsoumpas and the Stamps could be looking at having the flexibility to start 4 or even 5 Canadians on the OLine to block for Canadian RB and west MOP jon cornish.