21 years ago grey cup 1985

The bc lions won the grey cup 21 years ago today,i remember the atmosphere at the victory celebration at bc place, it was unbelivable, i thnik there was about 20,000 fans in one area the oppesite side the score board, and it was all full,i coulden't even hear my self think because everyboduy was in one section, as the players did thier speeches, the dome got louder and louder, i remember JP and Tom larchied were doing the introductions,Man it was loud for that, but i also remember they were showing it live on cbc on the jumbo tron, at the airport when they arrived ,they had to call in exctra security, because thier plane was late and i think they said there was close to 4,000 fan's in a small area that only held about 2,000.

I also remeber that is was a cold and snowy day, and they were showing them coming into town and the parade leading to bc place stadium it did not look like there was a lot of people at the parade but that would be because of the cold weather.But as they got closer to bc place, it was full of 20,000 screaming fan's and i mean scraeming as they enterd bc place. Al Wilson got introduced he was holding the grey cup, and the fan's went crazy like we had won the stanley cup or something and that's when bc place got loud, when all the speeches were over, i remember that all the fan's heard that the players were going to sighn autographs, well they were going to but bc lions did not expect that many people there, so they cancelled it because the fan's were getting out of control in the stands a bit some fights broke out, but were broken up very quickly. So because of the players protection they cancelled it.

It was not a family atmesphere, in fact you could smell a lot of beer in the stands, and bc place were not even selling it.

When the lions won the grey cup on that sunday, right after the gun sounded not a lot of people were celebrating in the streets, but then again celebrations were not celebrated that way back then, a lot of horns honking i remeber living in Pitt Meadows and you could here horns honking every were. But only for a half hour or so.

That was probebly the most excited i ever saw fan's get over winning a grey cup, i have never seen fan's celebrate our 1994, team, 2000 team,and of course our 2006 team like that ,not even close.

So here are the reasons why this year fan's did not get as excited to win the grey cup as compared to the 1985 year.

  1. The NHL is the league that fan's here in vancouver
    are excited about, the Canucks are the most popular team in town, because if you compare back to 1985, NHL Hockey for one thing was not as popular, and the Canucks were awfull for years, and the fan's could not get excited about them at all.(Edmonton was the team and i think fan's new we would never have a shot at winning because of them)

  2. All though the lions have become much more popular in the last 3-4 years, the cfl has shot it self in the foot too many times for fan's do not look at it as a major league, all though it is making a come back, it still has a long way's to go. In 1985 the cfl was more popular than the nfl in those day's, in fact a lot of young fan's say today that they thought the cfl was the nfl.Also has to do with tere was no coverage of the nfl like there is now .

3.Also the number one reason why the celebration was bigger then was this year was because they made it a hudge event,they had it in all the papers aleays advertising it on the radio, and every other advertisment they could get thier hands on.

Everybody has to remember that in 1985, there was not a lot to do in this town either,besides the Canucks there was nothing else going on, no fire works, no parades no nothing, and when you can consitanly get 40,000 a game to bc place it became an event every game .and it grew on that too, but one thing i forgot to say was, that the bc lions had not won a grey cup in 21 years and that would get people very excited.Now if the lions had not won a grey cup since 1985 it might have been a little bigger celebration , but not that much bigger.

Because the cfl and the lions had so much damage done to them in the last 16 or so years it is going to take a few more years for that to heal, and then people in this country and province will get realy excited about this team and league again, and think of it again as major league.

The Cfl has come a long ways in the last 5 years, because 10 years ago i thought this league was gone.So keep it up CFL and Bc Lions and before you know you will have people celebrating in the streets again everytime the lions or any other team win's a grey cup.

My prediction is if the lions can win another grey cup this year, and be very competive for the next 6-7 years , they will become just as popular as the Canucks.

Way to go lions and thier fan's keep up the good work.

It probably will - the popularity goes in cycles.

I lived in Calgary when the Flames were Stanley Cup contenders and the Stampeders almost folded. A few years later Doug Flutie lead the Stampeders to a Grey Cup and the Flames struggled to make the NHL playoffs.

I agree i forgot to say that if the canucks do not win either,then a lot of attention will be on the lions all year round,But ever since flutie got there, the stampeders have always been popular,even when the flames went to the final in the 03-04 year.

...one of the major reasons why the stamps and flames do not 'compete' against each other for fan dollars is because the flames are 10% owners of the stamps....they rely on each other for promotion and actually use the same promotions department staff, concession contracts and other overlapping areas like that...they work together to make each others operations successful....I'm surprised the Lions/Canucks couldn't work out the same type of arrangement given the proximity to their venues and the basic financial benefits this has for both teams....

....as a bonus (and 120Db will love this one), any media guys that might diss one sport over the other are quickly reminded to support both franchises or you don't get into the locker room of either....

Yeah that is what the lions and canucks have to do with each other i agree, but there is rumers here in this town that our new canuck owner (can't think of his name the one who took over from Orca Bay)That secritaly might want to prchase some of the lions from David Braily in the future, maybe become full owner, if that ever happend then there will be a new stadium here i gaurantee it.